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Texts from last night: Canucks in the Stanley Cup Final edition!

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One of the best parts of being a fan is getting to share the rare triumphs of your team with people you care about, whether those be fellow fans, family, friends, or other loved ones. I always appreciate how my friends show support for the Canucks when they do well, and console me when they don't. Often after a big win, I will end up in a texting storm for about 15 minutes as I revel in the victory with friends, whether they are diehards like me or just excited on my behalf.

Last night was no exception to this trend, as before, during, and after the game, I shared the experience with friends via text. After the jump, a review of my texts from last night as the Canucks advance to the Stanley Cup Final. Apparently such an occasion brings out a lot of WOOOOOOs, TYPING IN CAPS, and multiple exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure many of you can sympathize. If last night you had any memorable texts, emails, tweets, or drunk dials, feel free to share them in the comments.

Pregame support is always nice. I always remain cautiously optimistic, however.

From: [Toronto friend 1], 12:21pm EST

Enjoy the game tonight!

To: [Toronto friend 1], 1:58pm EST 

Thanks, fingers crossed!

When Ryan Kesler tied the game, my friend either thought I would be very drunk or very sick from excitement. It was the latter!

From: [Toronto friend 2], 11:31pm EST

Don't puke!

To: [Toronto friend 2], 11:33pm EST


From: [Toronto friend 2], 11:31pm EST

I can tell you're excited because you used all caps!

I found the overtime excruciating, and took the intermission to reflect on the masochism that being a Canucks fan requires (maybe not this year, but certainly over the past 20+ years). My friend was more optimistic.

To: [Vancouver friend 1], 12:31am EST

This is killing me. Why do we do this to ourselves?!?

From: [Vancouver friend 1], 12:32am EST

It's crazy. But it's history. 17 years ago today... Bring out Greg Adams!

To: [Vancouver friend 1], 12:32am EST

In the first minute!

Once Bieksa scored everything blew up. I was yelling, and hugging and high-fiving my friends in joy and disbelief. My sister and her boyfriend were the first people to text me. I have long said that wherever I am living, I will make it out to Vancouver should the Canucks make the Stanley Cup Final. Now it's time to make that happen somehow (yay, more credit card debt!). Thankfully I have supportive family connections once I get there.

From: [Sister's boyfriend], 12:51am EST 

See you in vancouver!!!

From: [Sister], 12:52am EST

You can stay on my sofa!!!

And of course, after the Kevin Bieksa goal, I spammed a bunch of friends in celebration. Basically scrolled through my contacts and picked people out to send this to, while being entirely distracted by the celebration on the TV.

To: [Vancouver friends 1 & 2, Toronto friend 1, and four others], 12:55am EST


And, while revelling in the moment, the travel planning and overt use of terrible grammar and multiple letters/punctuation marks began...

From: [Vancouver friend 1], 12:53am EST

Soooooooo good!!!!!

To: [Vancouver friend 1], 12:57am EST

See you soon buddy! :)

From: [Vancouver friend 1],12:58am EST

You book your flight!?!!!!??

To: [Vancouver friend 1], 12:59am EST

Need the sched. Cant come til june 4 at earliest. Dont want to fly during a game.

From: [Vancouver friend 1], 12:59am EST

 Amazing! Sooooo stoked!!!

To: [Vancouver friend 1], 1:00am EST

Un fucking real dude. AMAZING!

From: [Vancouver friend 1], 1:01am EST

It's good to be a Canucks fan.

And continued:

From: [Vancouver friend 2], 12:56am EST

Hells ya, book your flight!!

To: Vancouver friend 2], 12:58am EST

I'll see you soon buddy :)

From: [Vancouver friend 2], 12:59am EST

First beers are on me

To: Vancouver friend 2], 1:00am EST

Cant wait!

From: [Vancouver friend 2], 1:01am EST


And quite frankly, what could better sum the feelings of Canucks fans everywhere than this exchange?

From: [Vancouver friend 3], 1:00am EST


To: [Vancouver friend 3], 1:01am EST