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Cause For Sedin Concern?

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It can't be easy being a Sedin. Right off the bat there's a genetic copy of you, so throw individualism out the window.

Despite being lauded for their commitments to the community today, they are greeted with two articles about their lack of production. First up is Botch:

You think this scoring slump has been burdensome? It's been ugly, sure. The Sedins have combined for three points in their past six games, and are a minus-13.

Numbers like that would be terrifying in December let alone May. And they're not because of Dave Bolland.

Jamieson rolls up with a similar take:

Is one injured? Both? Henrik claims not. "No, we feel great, 100 per cent," the Canucks captain said, but admitted the expectation clearly is for he and his twin brother to be difference-makers in a series that shapes up as being very stingy for goals.

It's logical that a club which lead the league in offense, but is now dead last, would point a nagging finger at the superstars up front. Curious what the point per game pace for the twins looks like for the past three postseasons? (Of course you are)

Henrik Daniel
08-09 1.0 1.0
09-10 1.16 1.16
10-11 .55 .77

No one is making excuses for these guys. They get paid quite well to do pretty much one thing: make a nice little light behind the goal flash red.

(Then again, Claude Giroux is leading the post season in points so conventional wisdom is already out the window.)

My two cents: they'll be fine, even by our very narrow definition of the word "fine." They get one act of successful Sedinery everyone will be making "monkey off their back" remarks. One bounce goes their way and everyone will forget there was a problem. Check options #2 and #3 by the KB guys; we've watched these guys long enough to know they can make a difference and they'll have no shortage of opportunities during 120 (plus?) minutes at the Gaylord Sommet Bridgestone Arena to right the wrongs. Ditto Kesler and a few other gentlemen.

What say you?