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Canucks Drown Sharks At The Rog And Take 2-0 Series Lead: Thanks Ben Eager

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    First things first. The Sharks are 3 for 4 on the power play in this series and the Canucks will need to remedy that quick. Loose play on Logan Couture's PP goal as he blew by a Canucks D on the rush for the 1-0 goal. And then just a bad goal let in by Roberto Luongo on Patrick Marleau's stuff-in. I've seen worse. Lou was trying to cover a loose puck but Marleau got his stick on it. The rest?


  • All Canucks, baby! But a what a mad, mad game.
  • Thanks to Ben Eager for wrecking the Sharks' chance to win. When Kevin Bieksa fought Patrick Marleau a lot of anger ensued on the Sharks' bench.

Most notably was Ben Eager, who was screaming at the Canucks' bench from his own side of the glass. Niclas Wallin was seen putting his arm around Eager soon after trying to calm him down. Eager then proceeded to jump on the ice about a minute and a half later and board Daniel Sedin. Watch the clip:

Well geez, from that replay I think it's pretty obvious that it was intentional boarding. Eager got 2 minutes for that. 2 minutes!! Maybe if Dank doesn't jump right back up afterwards Eager gets ejected. Screw it. Dank had a bloody nose and didn't give the ape the gratitude. The Canucks failed to capitalize on the ensuing power play to start the 3rd but hey: about 7:00 into the final frame Eager takes an idiotic tripping penalty and this time Chris Higgins buries one to make it 4-2. Then the wheels fell off for San Jose. 4 minutes later the Sharks take a too many men penalty and Daniel Sedin scores his second power play goal of the night. 5-2.

Back to Eager Beaver. With the score 7-2 Canucks the moron scores a goal to make it 7-3. What does he do? He stands over Roberto Luongo and chirps at him relentlessly. Ian White and Joe Pavelski try to pull him away but he persists. What is this? An out-of-control buffoon who isn't being a team player. Why did Todd McLellan play Eager so much in the 3rd period? He rewarded a jackass for costing his team the game. I suppose he was also trying to get Eager to get under the Canucks' skin. I don't think he succeeded. Nice work, Todd.

  • The Sharks did execute their game plan of dumping the puck in and smacking the Canucks' D (mostly Alex Edler). But the Canucks absorbed the hits and smartly played the puck out regardless. 
  • For now, the Sharks cannot contain the Canucks' speed.
  • Looks like the Canucks went 3-for 6 on the power play. Hey Danny Boyle! Where did your bitching get you? Oh right, a cross checking call on Alexandre Burrows while Dany Heatley clearly embellished the play to get the call. Bravo! 1 goal for your griping while your team caved.
  • 3 points each for Henrik Sedin, Chris Higgins and Dan Hamhuis.
  • A Gordie Howe hat trick for Kevin Bieksa: a fight, a goal and an assist. Unreal. He is a mighty factor in this series. Kudos to Chris Higgins for sitting on the rail, waiting to get on the ice for a line change, waving his stick madly at Hamhuis to put the puck his way. Hammer obliged, Higgins jumped on the ice, took the pass and fed the puck to Bieksa, who scores on a breakaway of all things. To quote Temujin: Eager had a Bertuzzi hat trick: a meaningless goal, a stupid penalty, and another stupid penalty.
  • The Sedins on the power play..WOW. Ownership. Only Sedin with a point 5 on 5 was Hank, who assisted on..wait for it...AARON ROME'S first ever playoff goal.
  • Douglas Murray and Devin Setoguchi were each a -3. Niclas Wallin (I like this guy) actually finished a +1. 
  • Line 3 playing 5 on 5..Oh hell yes! San Jose's 3rd line has disappeared. Reminds me of what happened to Nashville (so far).
  • Oh, about the picture at the top of the post...have you ever seen this at an NHL game? Was there a full moon out tonight? Screw the Green Men! Best tweet of that occurrence: : Thought the twins were good along the glass tonight . The Province has more on this. NSFW footage here. Or here.
  • This is just my scattered review of the game. What a messed up game with an excellent result. Can the Sharks recover from this? Is Ben Eager going to play another game in this series? Are we going to witness another Canucks PK fail like we saw in the Kings series last year? Oh please no.
  • Is this series red hot now or what?