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Roberto Luongo Article In Sports Illustrated

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I received an email from a Sports Illustrated rep pointing me out to a story on Roberto Luongo that is in the new Sports Illustrated (on stands now, or online here). Writer Brian Cazeneuve properly portrays Luongo as a human and a professional in a starving and many times unfair sports-mad Canucks market in a piece called The Good, The Bad And Roberto Luongo. Here is an excerpt:

It's easy to take Luongo for granted. In amassing a league-high 117 points, Vancouver won the first Presidents’ Trophy in franchise history and led the league in both goals (262) and goals-against (185). Given the Canucks’ powerhouse roster—which includes forward Henrik Sedin, last season’s winner of the Hart Trophy as league MVP; his twin brother and linemate, Daniel, a finalist for this year’s award; emerging star Ryan Kesler; and a steady defense that runs six deep—Luongo’s successes are often overlooked. "What the hell else does he have to do?" asks Canucks winger Alex Burrows. "I know: Win a Stanley Cup. When we win, people think the puck stops itself. No, it’s Roberto. I think he’s the best goalie in the world."

Finally, a balanced and fair look at Roberto Luongo's play over his tenure as a Canuck, especially the last few seasons. There are some facts about Lou in there that I was unaware of in regards to some events in the Chicago series, Lou's puck-handling skills and more. I believe this is the best Luongo piece I have ever read. And no, they are not paying me to say that, that I can promise you. Well done, Mr. Cazeneuve. And praise be to Lou!