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Cry "Havoc!" And Let Slip The Hogs Of War: Canucks & Sharks - Game I

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San Jose Sharks
@ Vancouver Canucks

Sunday, May 15, 2011, 5:00 PM PDT
Rogers Arena

#10 in the US, #1 in Costa Rica: Fear The Fin, Battle of California

Did You Know? They could use a loonie or two?

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We got ourselves a hockey season.

Game one features a number of plot points to keep your head on a swivel: is Thornton's line out against Kesler or will McLellan keep them pasted on the Sedins? Can Kesler carry over the swagger from round two and will Raymond and Higgins maintain their pace alongside? Will Heatley warm up at Ehrhoff's expense? Can the Sedins make a statement at Boyle's expense? Which version of Edler feels like stepping on the ice? Is Rome really the answer against Pavelski? Who's going to deliver the first big hit and, for that matter, the first hilarious dive?)? Can Vancouver continue the greasy goals that have Pekka Rinne sitting at home stabbing his stuffed Shamu doll?

(I reckon a strong yes on that last query).

Finally there's Roberto Luongo, the goalie who has been universally bemoaned as unable to succeed at this stage now with his best chance to prove many of these people wrong. Luongo's .917% is the better of the two netminders and he's looked much more sound since coming in relief during game six of the first round. Comes the pressure and the weight of a city and franchise who need him to be damn near perfect. Is there a third game one shutout in him? This is his stage. This is his time.

We're not going to wait to ask this time, just give it to us plainly: paper tiger or sleeping dragon?

You better call Kenny Loggins 'cause you're in the danger zone.

- Diversity Hire, Archer

Mr. Wellwood thinks this team hasn't learned any lessons? By all means let's show him he's backed the wrong horse.

No splitting, no slacking, no excuses.

Earn this.

Coconuts? GO!