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Your Heart On Your Sleeve, Your Team On Your Chest: The Nucks Misconduct Store


Dearest Reader:

What better way to celebrate Vancouver's first WCF since Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting got together for "All For Love" than covering your mortal frame with some Canucks gear? Sure, you could go the NHL shop route and drop $40 bucks for some friggin commemorative coin, but that's boring. Don't be boring. You fine looking sassy bitches deserve something better than that...

...something like the new Nucks Misconduct store.

After the jump a bit more detail on the offerings and how you can win a free shirt right out of the gate.

Designed by (go follow him now), the Nucks Misconduct store has three designs along with our standard NM logo, also designed by KreiderDesigns. As seen above, we have the KesLORD immortalized in the proper, fawning fashion. We have a Luongo design framed around that specific noise that echos throughout Rogers when he frustrates the poor opposition. Lastly we have one for the Sedins based off the the Tomax/Xamot Cobra twins from G.I. Joe.

This is just the beginning; we hope to loop in more designs over the coming weeks and months.

Love the designs but curious where the money is going? Good question Sherlock. The bulk of the pay goes to the e-commerce store, leaving a paltry slice for us to split three ways:, we kick some back to KreiderDesigns so he'll continue to ignore his Flyers-leanings for us, a percentage to Canucks for Kids so you get the warm and fuzzies down deep and finally some for the NM writers so we can resupply our kitchens with hot pockets and grape soda.

To celebrate the store opening as the WCF gets underway, we'll give away one (1) shirt of your choice to whoever guesses the first Vancouver goal scorer in the series. To enter hit us up in the comments with the (a) player name; (b) what time & period of which game and (c) the game state (power play, even strength or penalty kill). The closest guess wins. If it's a tie, then whoever guessed the closest time without it going over wins.

Now go forth and shop (otherwise the terrorists win), tell your friends and look downright smashing this summer.


-Nucks Misconduct

(Note: We aren't responsible for the gasps of delight, the new friends you'll receive and the inordinate amount of affection you'll be liberally showered with when others see your shirt. Our sincere apologies.)