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A Bit of Uncharted Waters

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So, the Canucks finally past the 2nd round, eh?  This is new territory for me, since I was just turning 4 years old during that 1994 run, and the only things I know of it are what I've heard from everyone and seen on Youtube during recent years.  However, I also hear that only 4(?) players on our current Vancouver team have been past the 2nd round before, so this is also uncharted waters for this team as well.

Anyways, we are stuck in a lull right now because, like the Blackhawks did to us in the 1st round, the Red Wings have come back from trailing the series 3-0 to force a Game 7 against the Sharks.  As we also realize, the winner of this series will be our opponent in the next round.  No matter who we end up against, I believe this Western Conference Final will be a barnburner of a series, mainly because of the exciting games we've had against each of those teams in the regular season.

Some quick tidbits to keep us distracted until tomorrow night's Game 7:

  • I may be running a little late on this, but a huge thank you to the fine folks at On the Forecheck for being fun to talk to during our series.  Aside from the couple of you who wanted to cause trouble, the inter-blogging went fabulously.  Those pesky Predators have a lot going for them, and once they pick up a couple more pieces, they'll be among the top dogs out West.
  • As for the next round, there's a few SBNation blogs that we can start checking out.  Should the Red Wings pull off what the Flyers did last year, we get to meet Winging It In Motown in the next round.  Despite their team being referred to as "scum", these fans are quite hospitable.  Should the Sharks survive, we get the awesome folks at Fear The Fin, whose community is probably one of the most similar to ours.  There is also Battle of California, which is home to all 3 California teams, and where Earl Sleek is infamous for his fabulous cartoons.
  • Last night, at a town hall meeting, the city of Glendale approved the measure of forking over $25 million to keep their precious Coyotes in the desert for another year.  Ken Campbell of THN looked at the economics of this decision, as well as the impact on the rest of the league.
  • Meanwhile, up here in Canada, the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan Fund is looking to buy the TD Capital Group's stake in the MLSE ownership.  This would give them 80% ownership over the company that includes the Maple Leafs organization.
  • Not sure if this Deadspin article about Patrick Kane's offseason should be on here, but.....