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Sunday Scoreboard Watching

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I'm working a day shift today, so I didn't really have much time to dedicate to this open thread.  Interesting game last night, with huge games by both goalies.  Anyways, here are today's games.

12:00 pm PDT Red Wings vs Sharks Game 2.  The first game of this series resulted in an overtime winner from Benn Ferriero, one of the least expected Sharks.  Detroit will be looking to bounce back from that close loss, looking at the play of Jimmy Howard as something very bright to build on.  Viewable on TSN, NBC and RDS.  Extra:  I shared this in the comments of the Coffee yesterday, but this fan is mighty clever.

4:00 Capitals vs Lightning Game 2.  After the loss in Game 1, Alex Ovechkin and his teammates were rather unhappy with their performance.  They will be looking to play much better this game.  Meanwhile, with injuries to Simon Gagne and Pavel Kubina, the Lightning will have to fight a way to repeat their performance without those players.  Viewable on CBC, RDS and Versus.

Go drama.