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So We're Clear...

There are five teams gunning for the final four spots in the West and they all have two games left. Those who haven't clinched yet are:

  • Nashville - 97 points - Remaining Opponents: Columbus & St. Louis
  • Phoenix - 97 points - Remaining Opponents: San Jose (x2)
  • Anaheim - 95 points - Remaining Opponents: Los Angeles (x2)
  • Chicago - 95 points - Remaining Opponents: Detroit (x2)
  • Dallas - 93 points - Remaining Opponents: Colorado & Minnesota

The tie breakers are (in order) regulation wins, OT wins and then season series winner.

Everyone controls their own destiny except Dallas, who has to keep winning. If the Stars can steamroll their weekend and Detroit splits in regulation, they're in and Chicago goes home via the season series tiebreaker. Conversely if the Avs play spoiler and Chicago wins just once, the Stars are out. To pass Anaheim the Stars would also need to win both games and the Ducks have to lose both games in regulation against the Kings.

Odds are Vancouver will kick off the playoffs against either the Coyotes, Ducks, Hawks or Stars (though certainly not impossible, neither the Preds or Kings should fall to 8th). Elephant gun to my head thought: Hawks split with Detroit, Stars go golfing, Anaheim splits with the Kings and Phoenix - who is on a two game losing streak and has yet to beat the Sharks this season - loses both their games. If true, then three teams would end the year with 97 points and by virtue of the regulation wins tie-breaker, Phoenix falls to 8th.

Now my head hurts. I will soothe it by gazing longingly into the svelte glow of a pimped-out mad money.