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Canucks Links / Opinion For Your Monday

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Can't wait to get E-Money back
Can't wait to get E-Money back

UPDATE: Raymond played himself off the 2nd line, but he is happy to help out as 3rd line center. Alain Vigneault likes what he sees from Raymond there. (Globe and Mail).

UPDATE: Forget about Luongo and Schneider winning the Jennings Trophy. (The Province). But really, it could have been made to happen.

UPDATEWalkerBigTalker #Canucks to unveil perminent outdoor tribute to Roger Neilson prior to Thursday's game vs. Wild. Edit: Hell yeah!!!

We know that Alex Edler and Andrew Alberts are close to returning. Whether they make it back before or during the playoffs is the question. I would also like to tack the word "concern" to the end of that sentence. Edler has not played since January 24th. Alberts has not played since February 14. Sure these guys know the system because they played it for all those months, but hey, even Tanner Glass mentioned Saturday that the speed of the game was something he had to get used to again. So if the same applies to Alberts and Edler, is it not concerning that they come in say, game 1 of round 1 and don't play up to snuff because of the rust? Of course it's better they get a game or 2 in before the season ends but that may not happen.

*EDIT* Edler will play on Thursday against Minny, according to Dan Murphy. Perfect! (h/t Semi_Colon)

-Victor Oreskovich has been sent down to Manitoba meaning only 1 thing: Mikael Samuelsson will play against the Oilers on Tuesday night. (h/t thelastjohnny) Thankfully this also ends Jeff Tambellini's stint on the 2nd line (can't see why Higgins gets dropped down.

-Daniel Sedin was named the NHL's 2nd Star Of The Month for March. Dank tied Corey Perry in points (21) but Perry had 6 more goals (15).

-Hockey Luvin' Homos or Green Men? Kurtenbloggers discuss in their own special way.

-Yes, a lot of Eastern Writers have their heads up their ass when it comes to picking or even mentioning Daniel Sedin for Hart Trophy consideration. (The Province)

Some cool tweets from today:

-camdavie: #Canucks power rankings this week. TSN #1, RSN #1, ESPN #1, THN #1. Right where you wanna be on the eve of the playoffs.

-hosea24hours: AV not happy today at practice. A few F-bombs here, a few F-bombs there.