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Oilers 4 Canucks 1

It was just a matter of time before the Canucks mailed one in. Having clinched the NW Division, Western Conference and the President's Trophy they took their foot off the gas and got out-hustled by an Oilers squad that was sick and tired of losing. It's a treat watching the Oiler kids though isn't it? These guys are going to be a force someday soon.

Mason Raymond definitely showed up but could not get on the scoresheet. He had 6 shots on goal as did Ryan Kesler. It makes me wonder if Alain Vigneault's plan to keep him on line 3 is really a wise move. I mean...Jeff Tambellini on line 2? Give it up already. The guy has not scored a point in 22 games! But the biggest pro of the night had to be Aaron Rome's grouchy path of destruction.

BOOM! Someone's got their hip check down pat!

Rome played 19:03 and ended up a +1. Only he and Bieksa had that kind of +/-. So, since I'm a big fan of Rome, here are 2 gif's of him from tonight's action, both on the same play.



How about a good ol' "Fuck you"?


Great stuff.

I don't think Tanner Glass is too happy about the loss: