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A Bit of Closing It Out

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Holy smokes, what a crazy ending for the series!  I quite literally had butterflies in my stomach during that overtime period.  Thank goodness Alexandre Burrows finished it when he did, I probably wouldn't have been able to handle anymore.  Some more points on closing out this series and moving on to Nashville:

  • Congratulations to Ryan Kesler, who has just officially received his 3rd straight Selke nomination.  He is up against 3-year-incumbent Pavel Datsyuk and Jonathan Toews.
  • A big thank you to Second City Hockey for being a great rival blog this series.  The inter-blogging between our two communities went very well once again.  Their Blackhawks did put up a good fight, so they should be proud of that.
  • As for the 2nd round, our rival blog will be On The Forecheck, the SBNation home of the Predators.  Yes, these are the same people who called us "smug and preening" a couple months ago, causing that immensely popular NM meme.  Be sure to check them out and introduce yourselves.  Word is that Game 1 is tomorrow night.