Gillis Not Pleased With Bickell Hit On Bieksa

"You tell me the difference between that hit and Raffi Torres," Gillis said, (talking about Raffi's hit on Seabrook in Game 3 that was penalized).

"This was one was worse. (Bickell) left his feet."

Apparently GMMG isn't impressed with the Hawks decided advantage in power plays lately either. More on that at the Province.

Here are the 2 hits:

Dickell on Bieksallent:

Raffi On Seabrook:

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't like it. I'm not sold on the jump by Bickell. He hit in an upward motion and his feet left the ice after the hit IMO. Close call. But it's still a headshot, and nobody in the media is talking about it. What the hell?

Well it's over now. All we can hope is that Gillis' complaints are heard loud and clear and maybe have some bearing on the reffing of game 7. Also, the Canucks should rally for their buddy Bieksa too. This should make them angry.

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