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A post-Game 6 letter to the Canucks

Dear Canucks,

I know the voice of one fan doesn't matter. Particularly one who can barely afford to attend a game at GM Place, let alone sit close enough to the ice for any of you to hear my voice when I yell. Thankfully, that's what the New York Islanders are for. So yeah, I know I'm one out of hundreds of thousands of supporters whose emotions have been on a ridiculous rollercoaster these playoffs. But I have a request for you, one that is shared by Canucks fans across the globe:

Just. Fucking. Win.

That is officially the first time I have dropped the f-bomb in a post on this blog. I am scared my mum or dad might read it (actually) and be disappointed in me. But I don't care about their reaction because I do care about you that much, and my profanity is sincere in reflecting my passion for your performance and results.

My earliest memory of you is in the late-80s, when I attended a game at which you were shut-out by the Maple Leafs. Thankfully we've moved on since, but sometimes I wonder how much. As a seven year-old, I saved up my hard-earned allowance to buy $10 Safeway tickets to games at the Coliseum - before your jerky management jacked the price of those Safway tix up to $15 the season of Pavel Bure's rookie year. During your 1994 Cup Final run, my friend and I made handmade "Go Canucks Go!" signs and hung them up all over our elementary school. I find silver-lining in you losing the Cup in 1994 only because I would have been on Robson Street had you won, and my ten year-old self was most definitely not mature, tough, or smart enough to handle being surrounded by a riot. Let's not talk about the West Coast Express years - lots of good memories, but the bad ones are too rough for me to dwell on tonight.

So here we are, in the spring of 2011. I have been following you, in your various manifestations, for over 20 years now. I have never felt more confident in the potential of a Canucks squad as I have this season. You have some of the greatest players in the sport today. Two months from now in Las Vegas you will be taking home hardware that this team has never won before. And most importantly, you have a quiet confidence that allows you to weather adversity and persevere.

But you know, as well as any of us supporters, that none of that matters if you do not win on Tuesday. So, just win, okay? Please. Pretty please. My heart was heartbroken in 1994, but I can look back on that magical run and revel in the Rocky-esque underdog factor. If [insert superstition here - I just knocked on wood] you lose on Tuesday, there will be very little salvageable from this season. If you win? I will (mostly) forget about the past few games and look forward to the rest of this playoff run. I think we are on the same page in seeing the second option as the more ideal of the two.

If you let me down this spring I will get over it, eventually. I haven't come this far over two decades to abandon ship based on one playoff exit (I've been through enough, and I have coping mechanisms). In fact, I am in this ridiculous relationship for life. For better or worse, I am, and will be, a Canucks fan for life. But, I am really hopeful, more than I have been before, that this is the year you fulfil my wildest hopes and dreams. And if you lose on Tuesday, it will be a disappointment that will take a long, long time to get over.

So please: when you play the Blackhawks on Tuesday night... JUST. FUCKING. WIN. Please.


A lifelong Canucks fan