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Game 5: Blackhawks 5 Canucks 0. Dare I Recap This?

OK! Starts with....C! Um...Canucks!!! No?..Oh! Choke!!
Ding ding ding
OK! Starts with....C! Um...Canucks!!! No?..Oh! Choke!! Ding ding ding

How are you doin'? Are the Canucks and alcohol keeping you up at night? Well same here. I don't really want to sit here and crunch stats with you. The stats are ugly. The series is getting uglier by the minute. We pinpoint where the momentum shifted and the general consensus is that it happened when Raffi Torres decked Brent Seabrook in Game 3. Ryan Johnson mentioned during Game 5 that the hit and injury that occurred as a result really rallied the Hawks team. Fair enough. I can see how that happens. But that is absolutely no excuse for this series now being 3-2. Yes, Chicago is on fire and has shat golden nuggets ever since but that does not excuse the Canucks team in any fashion for their current fortunes. Raffi Torres does not cause the team to absolutely crap the bed in Game 4 and let the Hawks gain even more life. That was a team failure. The same applies to Game 5, where much of the same failures occurred.

Why oh why has the team defence disappeared? Where has the offence gone? Well, there isn't one answer for that. The most obvious answer is in what made them successful in the first 3 games and even that is a loaded answer. The Canucks are not dictating the play anymore. They are at least a step behind the Hawks' speed, aggression, puck battles and desire to win.

That is something that is not easily fixed. When the camera panned across the Canucks' bench in Game 5 all you could see was a look of disbelief from the players, and no communication whatsoever. A look of "what the fuck is happening here?" A bunch of players staring straight ahead and saying nothing while they get their asses handed to them. THAT look is concerning because all season long they have rebounded from this kind of adversity, and have looked confident in doing so. Not now. They "preach" their bullshit to the media about how the fans and press are panicking but the team isn't yet we see the opposite on the ice.  So it is time to get back to basics. DEFENCE. Hell, Mary Hossa was allowed charge into the Canucks' zone unmolested on the first goal and the D LET HIM. They just backed off and let him charge in and take a quality shot. That kind of timidness is unacceptable. Craig Simpson kept alluding to the fact that the team was not only giving the Hawks the whole neutral zone to play with, but also backing in behind the blue line and letting the Hawks come at them. Well that is just playing with fire.

Before I go any further let me make one thing clear: FUCK YOU to the fans that jeered when Roberto Luongo was finally pulled in favor of Cory Schneider. If you are blaming Luongo for this mess you need to give your head a shake. If you are questioning which goalie should start Game 6 you need a lobotomy. First of all, Luongo is going to start and that's the bottom line. Secondly, I don't blame him much for another loss because a) he was hung out to dry by his mates AGAIN and b) he is one of the biggest reasons why the series was 3-0 in the first place. Lou, you have my respect. Fuck the haters.

Hey Sedins: time to get a little more creative. Chicago isn't going to let you dipsy-fucking-doo your way into their zone and score a goal of the year. And that behind the net-Wayne Gretzky-type shit that Hank can pull to make a play is DEAD. The Hawks aren't letting you do that any more, Hank. Try something else.

Alex Burrows: you have nearly failed me for the last time. AV put Samuelsson on the top line because Burr is now futile there. Maybe he should stick with that. While he's at it, maybe it's time to demote Christopher Higgins off line 2 and put Mason Raymond there, even though MayRay's futility has me up in arms as well. A shakeup may be in order, but hey I'm not the coach. But for god's sakes man, put Oreskovich and Ballard back in. What, we needed LESS aggressive players in our lineup?

Anyway, like I said before: get back to basics. Those basics are a) effort b) DEFENCE c) teamwork. It's a lot to ask for Luongo to stop repetitive breakaways and point-blank shots and the great teams don't give those kind of opportunities to the opposition. Not at the frequency the Canucks are doing. So...what are you made of, Canucks? Are you going to become a part of historic failure or show the team character and characteristics that made you so successful this past season? The team has a few days to put their heads together and figure it out. WE have a few days to let the anger subside, assume failure or cling to the positive thought that Chicago still has to win 2 games to win this series.

No highlights. No stats. Just opinion. This is horse shit, Canucks.