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Thursday Playoff Coffee- Time To Rise

Time for you and the rest of your legion of douchebags to go, Toews...
Time for you and the rest of your legion of douchebags to go, Toews...

We've got no time to lose
Your news is old news
Hate this, hate me, hate this
Right approach for the wrong
It's time to spread the word
Let the voice be heard
All of us, one of us, all of us
Dominate and take the motherfucking world- PANTERA- 'Rise'

I gotta tell you I am pretty disappointed in the way some of the Canucks faithful have been faithless over one loss.  Has this team not done enough to earn your trust in them that they can get this done?  Seriously, who among you except the most delusional thought they would sweep the Blackhawks?  Would it have been nice if they won Game 4?  Hell yes.  But if you think for a minute that was anything more than just a game that got away from them, you really haven't been paying attention to what's been happening here this year.  The Canucks are going to win tonight.  And Vince Vaughn, Barry Rozner, Jesse Rogers, Jonathan Toews, Dave Bolland, and (hold on I have to look for the guy's name, he's not a regular) John Scott can hop on the next bus to hell.

Chicago played their best game of the series in Game 4.  The Canucks have yet to play their best, simple as that.  Look at Luongo's record in games after he gets pulled.  He responds well.  There's no panic in this team, and that's because they have focused on keeping everything in perspective all season long.  I can guarantee you that losing a close one to the Hawks, if they had played well would have been much more damaging than getting the doors blown off.  They know that to a man they let down Roberto Luongo.  Any team would have beaten them Tuesday night, so while the Hawks did play well, the combination of the Canucks taking a night off and the boost they got from a goal that was offside made the difference.  As far as this proving Jonathan Toews right goes, this so-called great leader, who's done nothing but whine to the press when he's been in front of them (and make no bones about it, he's not been all that available) is in for a rude awakening tonight.  He and his diving buddy (and was that not one of the most pathetic dives in years?  What an utter embarrassment to the sport.) Patty Kane are getting their pink slips tonight.  Your countries need you over in Slovakia. boys.  We're gonna make that happen for you tonight.

So quit your worrying.  The sky ain't falling.  This team was head and shoulders better than anyone else this season, and they show once and for all that the only thing in their heads is beating this team and moving on to the second round.  So get that blue and green on.  Show your colours.  This team is going to shut all the naysayers up for a few days until they come up with some other reason to try and claim this team can't win.  That's life at the top, kids.  Get used to it.  Before the classic album of the day, one last little musical message for the Hawks and their fans & media, from BC boy and Canucks fan Joey Shithead & D.O.A.:

WAACH 'Cast's Classic Album Of The Day- PANTERA- Vulgar Display Of Power

They came out of the bar circuit in the southern US with Cowboys From Hell, but their 2nd major label release was the one that really signified this band was ready for the big time.  Not a weak song in the bunch, and they had a couple big video hits off this one with 'Mouth For War' and 'Walk', which is a staple in hockey arenas around the globe.  I saw these guys for the first time on this tour at the Commodore (with the mighty doomsters Trouble opening for them) and it was incredible.  Got to meet them backstage, and they were one of the friendliest, most down to earth bands I've met.  Dimebag's legacy shines on this one, as he took the step up to guitar god on VDOP.  Enjoy.

and a lil pregame instruction for ya...