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Game Four Report Card

Well, wasn't that "special"?  We are going to mix it up tonight.

Seeing as how the lines were totally revamped in this game by the third, and with seven power plays for the Hawks making it  a special teams game, I am going to try and reflect that.

Bolland gets big number, I am sure.  And Mad Keith was impressive.  You can go to Cam's post for the scoring chances and line stuff.

Mike sums it up very succinctly here. Bad Dog!!!  ESPN boxscore here. NHL here with video links if you actually want to see that shit   horror show again. Mixing it up to reflect line changes.

Lets see if I can do it without tears in my eyes.

The Hawks get first mention tonight Lets go with the top guys first.

Johnny Toews - together with Kane and Stalberg to start, he was maybe the quieter of the Hawk stars tonight.3:54 of his 17:35 TOI on the PP, 2:02 on PK.  1 assist, 2 shots, 1 block, 2 takeaways, and a reciprocated spear on Burrow late. 7.9/10.  

Patrick Kane - had a better game then his buddy. 2 assists, 4 shots, somehow got credited with a hit. Funniest dive of the night trying for an extra call during the Toews/Burrows lovefest, but only got a snow shower from the referee instead.He was dangerous, though if he hadn't bailed on that Kesler attempted maiming... 8.5/10  

Viktor Stalberg - did look good on that line tonight, but only with them at even strength, as evidenced by 12:39 TOI. 4 shots, 6 hits, and one savage beatdown from Bieksa for sticking Lapierre late. Play physical Stals, don't be suicidal. 7.6/10

The Wonder Twins and Burrows - Henrik and Daniel had one of those games we have not seen from them for a while.  Daniel got a mean nothing goal on a late power play, and had 3 shots on goal, no hits, and 1 takeaway. He was also a -3 in 16 :41 TOI. 5.5/10...which is a little better than his older brother. Henrik had a worse game going against Bolland.  He must have forgot how it is with that fellow. -4, 1 giveaway, 1 shot, and a 7 for 15 night at the dot.  No points in 3:39 of mostly late power play time. 5.3/10

Burrows - looked to enjoy playing with Kesler and Higgins in the 3rd, when Raffi was sent out to ride shotgun on the Twins line. 3:15 of SH TOI, :44 TOI on the PP, 19:07 overall. Somehow a -1 with 3 hits. No shots though. 6.9/10

Dave Bolland - was the big story for the Hawks, as evidenced by bumping up what is a third line most nights to the second line spot. Had a good night versus the Sedins, but it was not a case of him checking them as they not checking him enough. We'll see how Q' get the matchup at the Rog', but what a return. 1 goal, 3 assists, 3 shots, 2 hits, a 5 for 11 faceoff night. 9.6/10.

His line mates this night were usually Bickell and Frolik, and both had pretty effective nights. Bickell had a nice opening goal, was a +4, had 2 shots and a whopping 8 hits in only 13:27 TOI. 8.6/10. Frolik showed his skill beating Luongo on one of the many great chances given up by the Canucks, had 2 assists, 4 shots, only one hit, and even got on the PP for :40 of his 15:36 TOI. 8.5/10.

The Kesler line -Kes' had an interesting night. It was tough, getting the top line as often as AV could get them out, but Kesler had a lot of power play and penalty kill time as well. Of his 18:57 TOI, 3:57 was on the PP, and 3:46 SH. Still managed an assist, 11 for 22 in the circle, 3 shots and 2 hits.  Chicago's PP only 2 for 7, but the goals came at the wrong times. 7.1/10

Higgins and Samuelsson were his line mates until the 3rd period mash up. ( I thought Burrows looked better there in the 3rd  than Samuelsson ) Of the two Higgins seemed to have a better night. He checked pretty well, had 4 shots, 3 takeaways to 1 giveaway. :44 PP and 1:04 SH of his 14:35 TOI. He and Kesler both finished the night even. 6.8/10. Samuelsson had a little less exciting of a night. He was a -3, and had 3 shots, but the only one that looked half dangerous was on the power play. 1:57 of PP TOI in his 13:43 of time he would as soon forget. 6/10.

Hossa, Sharp and Smith - The second line at the start, their play was somewhat overshadowed by the Bolland line. Sharp had the best night, but it was mainly on the power play, where he scored the 6th and 7th goals. +1, 5 shots, 3 hits, several almost penalties and questionable hits.  Somehow escaped getting called for them, had 4:14 of PP TOI in his 15:33. 6 for 10 at the dot though. 8.6/10

Hossa and Smith? Well, the big $$$ Hossa managed an assist and was an even on a night his team dominated. 1 stinking shot on goal, missed the net twice, and 2 hits. You would expect more when you get 3:36 of your 13:49 TOI on the PP. Not overly impressed by him yet this series. 6.9/10.  The rookie Smith was almost not noticeable on this night. 1 shot, won 2 of 3 draws, no hits and was an even. 6.9/10.

Raymond, Torres and Hansen - The lightning rods for trouble. Maybe not Mase, who had an assist on Salo's PP goal, 3 shots, and a 6 for 9 on faceoffs. No hits though, in a game where everybody but the Twins seemed to be throwing the body around. An even though. 6.4/10.

Torres was the lightning rod for the Hawks to crackle on this night though. It looked like he was having a good game at the start, ignoring the provocations when Keith took a selfish early penalty. He was a -1 and only had 1 hit, which is surprising. Almost as surprising as the misconduct he got for just lining up beside Scott late when the latter wanted to goon it up. Raffi did not say a word, how is that possible? 6.3/10.  Hansen's night was a little more eventful, but not for the right reasons. A big zero across the board ( and when is the last time he was not credited with a hit at least? ) in 15:24 TOI.  Took a penalty on what some might argue was a race for the puck, when Campoli looked to engage physically just as much on the play. Still, not the Dane's greatest game. 5.9/10.

4th line guys doing 4th line things ; 

Ryan Johnson - played like he does not like Vancouver at all any more!  Stats not the most provocative, but of all the "elbows up" players the Hawks had tonight, he was pretty noticeable for it, trying to separate Bieksa's head from his shoulders a couple times on the 2 hits he was credited on. Only 1 for 3 in faceoffs, a block on the PK, took a penalty for trying to run Ballard ( I guess that is how he is getting noticed now ) with a high hit late. 6.1/10.

Brouwer was at least hitting cleaner. 8 hits, and 2 shots from his 15:53 TOI. (2:33 PP/1:44 SH ) On a night where the Hawks had no players a minus, he was one of eight that were an even.  7.4/10 Eight hits!!  Kruger? 1 hit, 1 giveaway, did not notice him much.  6.2/10.

Well, that was the Lapierre we have heard of. 14 minutes of penalty time, but he was one that tried to stand up to Scott's foolishness at least.  The boarding penalty on Campoli to start the 3rd was not that bright though. -1, 1 blocked shot, 3 hits, 1 takeaway, and 4 for 8 at the dot. 6.2/10.

His boys had a night no better. Oreskovich was a -1 and had 3 hits, but his 10 min misconduct for trying to run Kruger was not the brightest thing he has done. 5.9/10. Tanner Glass was another that was going to try, at least, to let Scott be a goof, and the penalty he got ( a ten each for he and Scott, but when Scott is the only one with the gloves off, Glass is somehow judged to have drawn an extra minor for roughing the guy that was wanting the fight, asking for the fight, and engaging the fight first. Still trying to figure that one out. ) Still, Glass was another credited with no hits. Really? 6.1/10.


Blue lines ;

Mad Keith and Leddy - Duncan Keith finally showed his Norris Trophy bonafides tonight. Took a run at Torres trying to send a message, and took a dumb penalty for it. But he also made the power play dangerous all night, was engaged for the full 60 minutes, and 1 goal, 4 shots, and a +1 were proof of that. Blocked 4 as well, and was credited with one hit. His 24:42 TOI included 4:02 PP/ 2:08 SH. Surprised at the 1 hit. Saw him with elbows akimbo several other times. Helped his team tonight though. 8.5/10. Leddy was another of those even guys, and only had 2 hits and a takeaway in his 19:30 TOI.  Canucks did not have a chance to expose the rookie, and a defenseman not noticed is a good thing right? 7.3/10.

Edler and Ehrhoff - Not their best night. Both had an assist, and both were a -3 ( meaning they were on for 4 of the 5  Hawk even strength goals ) A bit of role reversal. Edler had two shots to Ehrhoff's 1, yet Edler had only 1 hit to Hoff's 3.  Edler blocked 4 shots, and both took a penalty.  6/10 for each.

Campbell and Hjalmarsson - Campbell had his best game of the series, as did a lot of Hawk stars. His 25:05 TOI (3:33 PP/2:1- SH ) led his team. 1 goal, a +4,  3 shots on goal and a blocked shot. 8.9/10.  Hjalmarsson was a bit rougher around the edges. He was also a +4 and had an assist, and only 1 hit credited, he was running around looking for the big hit all night, and while his penalty for doing so on Lapierre resulted in a goal, I think the Hawks did not mind. 7.5/10.

Hamhuis and Bieksa - Bieksa first. He was a -1 on the night, when he was danced by Bickell badly on the opening goal. That seemed to get him involved ( read embarrassed ) and he had a team high 7 hits, 1 shot, 1 blocked shot, and one pretty manly beatdown of Stalberg when the latter foolishly forgot who he was asking to fight.7/10.  Hamhuis? Its a little tougher. He was a -2, and had a shot and only 3 hits charted. But his SH 4: 10 TOI was the most of any Canuck blue liner.  He was not horrible, but did not have much help. 6.9/10.

Scott and Campoli - What do the SCH folk call him? Fluffy? He put on the kind of show the Madhouse folks loved, but if he does that Thursday, with different referees, ( not saying these were biased, and they did have a tough game to call. Just saying that each set has a different standard for the kind of stuff Scott was trying to sell tonight. )  he should not expect the same results.  Apart from the goonery ( and I have never seen two guys sent to the rooms when one is doing the threatening in recent memory. It must have happened once right? )  1 takeaway, 1 giveaway, 1 shot, a +1, and 20 minutes of PIM. It may have emboldened his team on this night, but really? 5.9/10.  Campoli, on most nights, might have even worn the goat horns. Was up ice a lot, and out of position, but on this night, it was not a problem. 1 assist, 1 blocked shot, and even, and 6 hits. 7/10.

Ballard and Salo -  Ballard was the only defenseman that finished an even for the Canucks tonight, but was only credited with 1 hit in his 14:50 ( 1:23 SH ) was not too bad at getting the puck out against the strong Hawk forecheck, but the Canucks were too much on the back foot to do much more than toss it out. 6.4/10. Sami Salo had the same up and down night. You could say he was statistically OK, with a goal ( a double deflected goal, but still ) but ended up a -1 in 18:22 TOI ( :59 PP/2:50 SH ) and the only shot was the one he scored on. 1 hit. None of the Canucks defense had a great night. 6.8/10.


Goaltenders ;

Crawford - Gave up 2 goals on 23 shots, but the one early was a double deflection, and the one late was a tip. Kept his team in during the first, when the Canucks still had a chance in the game.  Pretty easy night for the kid, but he did make some saves when he had to ( though a lot of shots were from the point ) 1st playoff win. 8/10.

Luongo and Schneider -

Poor Luongo. It was not like he was horrible, though 6 goals on 28 shots would say otherwise. Was left all alone too many times this night. The two goals from defensemen in 17 seconds was the killer. Momentum swung from then on, and every time the Hawks were handed a grade A chance, Luongo just could not make them think of the goalie from Games 1 and 3. The media ( especially the Chicago media ) will write gleefully that "we are back in his head". Don't you believe it Had little help. The guy is pretty awesome off being pulled. Still, he WAS pulled. 6/10.  Schneider got his first Stanlet Cup action, and was pretty good for the time he was in. The one goal was on a 4 on 3 PP, and Sharp was alone at the backside for an easy one, but he made some nice saves on the other six shots in his 15:55 TOI. 7.6/10.


There you go.  Hard to give any players for the Canucks a high rating, and maybe a couple of the Hawks could go up or down a little.  But its one game. We will see if the Hawks can follow it up on Thursday.

The Canucks need to come out at home and send a message. Play as aggressive with the last change as the Hawks did tonight. Hit more.

The Sedins should be pretty embarrassed by this one. Expect more Wonder from the Twins too.