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Glass In, Bolduc Re-assigned, Edler and Alberts Close

Alain Vigneault said today that Alexandre Bolduc will not play in the playoffs unless an injury happens. He has been sent back to Manitoba as he was here on an emergency basis. To be honest I have liked Bolduc's play, even over what Glass was doing. He's quicker for sure.  But here is a kicker: the Oilers have some big mean players in their lineup: MacIntyre, Jacques, Vandermeer, Smid, etc. Glass brings more of a physical presence than Bolduc and we may see something tonight that has not happened seemingly in an age during a Canucks game: a fight!

Alexander Edler wants to get a couple games in before the playoffs. It's reported he needs about 3-5 practices and he'll be ready. Andrew Alberts is close to returning from a broken wrist but not as close as Edler. See AV talk about all this after the jump:

He's in a chipper mood ain't he?