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Saturday Morning Coffee- The Mission has yet to begin...


Yeah, yeah we get it.  Nearly everyone who even casually follows hockey has taken the time to 'remind' Canucks fans that not only does the Presidents' Trophy not mean anything, but it's a cursed entity that will most certainly bring about this team's downfall.  Pardon the long-suffering fans of this franchise for being excited.  Pardon us for taking a moment to celebrate an achievement that this team has never managed before.  The majority of us know what the trophy is.  We know what it means.  And we also know that this was nothing but necessary preparation to give us the best possible chance at winning the first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

Canucks fans need to understand that the haters and doubters (even amongst our own ranks) are not going away.  Until the moment that Gary Bettman hands that trophy to Captain Henrik Sedin, they are going to continue to talk shit about the Canucks.  What else can we do but believe?  And if you don't believe after what this team has done this season, I wonder if you've ever believed in this team.  This is the best Canucks squad we've ever seen.  The deepest.  The most talented.  And most of all, the most driven.

The Canucks take on the Edmonton Oilers tonight, and let's face it: while a lot of people thought the Oilers wouldn't do well as they continue the rebuilding process, I don't think anyone thought they would be this bad.  With a loss to the Canucks tonight, the Oilers will clinch last place, with at least for the time being, half of the point total of the Canucks.  They're not always gonna be this bad, or this banged up.  They're one of the few teams that suffered more injuries than the Canucks this season, which certainly didn't help matters.  They do however have some good young prospects that should mean for better days down the road.  In spite of all the bad news this season for them, I do expect them to show up in this one, and play for pride, as that's all they really have left.  And let's not forget as divisional rivals these teams have a strong dislike for each other and it should show in the physicality department tonight.

No changes apart from Yann Sauve drawing in for Christoper Tanev after he was injured on a hit from behind in the game against Los Angeles Thursday.  Cory Schneider gets the start at home, which some think may be his last in a Canucks uniform.  I don't know what's gonna happen with Ginger Jesus, but you have to think that if the Canucks are going to deal him in the offseason, he's done a hell of a job marketing himself to allow the Canucks to get the maximum return on him.  Those days are far off however, and let's be thankful we have two kickass goalies at the moment.

Cinnamon Toast, but I see you in the fridge, leftover Potato Salad. And you're lookin' good...

The Calgary Flames did what they had to do last night as they came back from a 2-0 deficit to beat the St. Louis Blues 3-2.  Unfortunately they didn't gain any ground on the Chicago Blackhawks, who got a wonky goal on Mathieu Garon to tie and then beat the Columbus Blue Jackets in the shootout 4-3... The Philadelphia Flyers were unable to clinch the Eastern Conference last night as they lost 4-2 to the New Jersey Devils, and the Colorado Avalanche kept the Phoenix Coyotes from moving to within a point of the Pacific Division leading San Jose Sharks as the Colorado Avalanche beat them in the shootout 4-3... The Ottawa Senators haven't had much to cheer this season, but the chance to end the Toronto Maple Leafs playoff chances once and for all this season might be a little reason to smile.  The Ontario rivals meet tonight in a game that should be a war in spite of their place in the standings... Other games of note have a possible first round preview as Detroit takes on Nashville, Dallas looking to keep their playoff hopes alive against LA, Buffalo taking on Washington, and San Jose hosting Anaheim in another possible first round matchup.

WAACH 'Cast's Band Of The Day- EVERGREY

Melodic metal with thrash overtones, Evergrey have long been a fixture on the European metal festival circuit.  Their fanbase in North America continues to grow, and they will be touring for their most recent release 'Glorious Collision', which will see them play a headlining show in Vancouver October 3rd.