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A New Power Is Rising: Canucks & Oilers



Next Game

Edmonton Oilers
@ Vancouver Canucks

Saturday, Apr 2, 2011, 7:00 PM PDT
Rogers Arena

Enemy Blog: The Copper & Blue

Team Pro: They do have Colin Fraser, a BC boy from Sicamous.

Team Con: Taylor Hall is definitely no lady-charmer.

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Yankee's out of commission, so Missy is taking on her first ever gamethread.

My oh my, do the times change. I still remember the spring of 2006, when the Oilers just barely edged the Canucks for that 8th playoff spot. Edmonton went on a Cinderella run that year, making it to the Stanley Cup Finals only to die at the hands of the Hurricanes. Following that playoff run, all their star players left town through trades and free agency, and now the Oilers are about to face their 5th straight year of of late-April golfing.

These two teams have only met twice in the playoffs (1986 and 1992), with Edmonton winning both times only to be eliminated in the next round. The strength of this rivalry obviously stems from regular season play. For some reason, these two teams love to beat each other up. What's also of interest is that these two teams almost always each to be each other's polar opposite in the Northwest standings. Only a few times have they both either made or missed the playoffs together.

Right now, it is our time to dominate the league. We watched the Oilers do it in the 80's with their infamous dynasty. Their time has long since ended, and it is our turn to show the league who not to mess with. We have already started working on it, with our 4th division title in 5 years and our first-ever President's Trophy. And while we do this, Edmonton is just one point from clinching 30th in the league for their 2nd year in a row. However, they'd like to end the season on a high note by taking us down.

Witch King of Angmar: Fool, no man can kill me. Die, now.....

Yep, he said it.

Go Canucks.