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Monday Night Playoff Open Thread

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Got so wrapped up in the Twitter that I almost forgot to open this up for y'all.  It sure has been an interesting 5 days so far (can you believe it's only been 5 days?) in this years Stanley Cup Playoffs.  And with 4 games tonight, 3 of them right now it's hockey lovers heaven, ain't it?  While we anticipate what should be a hell of a game tomorrow in Chicago, let's check in on the other series, plus a question for you all: Not counting the Canucks and Hawks, which series has been the biggest surprise, and which one has been the least surprising?  For me the biggest surprise has Buffalo giving it to Philly, but in a way maybe it's not too surprising since we all knew Philly's goaltending was identified as a major problem.  Least surprising?  Nashville up on Anaheim.  The Ducks are proving to be as one dimensional as everyone thought they were, and without Jonas Hiller they could be 1 and done...