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Game Three Aftermath: By The Skin Of Their Teeth

Upper right - Vince Vaughn. Almost makes the spike in blood pressure worth it.
Upper right - Vince Vaughn. Almost makes the spike in blood pressure worth it.

So, yeah, hey, that was a tough one to watch but a win is a win. Where do you want to begin?

  • Let's start with the obvious: Mr. Torres - that hit can't happen. If Torres simply stopped his stride he would have flatten him anyway, but the extra effort on a vulnerable player is the problem. Seabrook should know where he is with the puck behind the net, but that's not the point. Even if you think that hit was borderline or "a hockey play", it is exactly the type of hit that can end a career and it was exactly the type of hit the NHL should step in for. Spin the wheel spin?
  • On the plus side, it gives Thunderdome a new lease on hockey life. Put Raymond back on the wing please.
  • That 5-on-3 kill could be is the turning point of this series. Think if this was last season; Vancouver would have been beyond screwed. Even in a game where they coughed up two PPGs, their kill was the difference and none bigger than in the first period.
  • John Scott goes to the box, Vancouver scores. In other news, water is wet. 
  • I hate bitching about the referees one way or the other, but that Oreskovich charging call was asinine.
  • Luongo wasn't a star of the game and I don't know what the Chicago media was watching. In a game where the skaters played poorly (by their lofty standards), the goalie earned his bread money. Anyone who wants to claim Luongo still comes unraveled easily against Chicago just got a reality check. Just go ask Toews or Kane, they'll tell you.
  • Christian Ehrhoff is a Filter song: Hey man, nice shot.
  • For the people who were complaining (or crowing) about the lack of Sedinery in this series, they have eight points in two games. Shut up.
  • Good to see "first round Samuelsson" make an appearance again. Flu boy had a pedestrian 15:14 TOI but - just like with the Kings last post season - the puck found him at the right moment. 
  • Malhotra's faceoff prowess is sadly missed. This is terrible by this season's standards. Toews is slaughtering Hank. Check it, this needs to change immediately.
  • Bonus Luongo point = face wash to Frolik after the buzzer.
  • Keith Ballard = 9:10 TOI. Discuss.
  • Brutal, ugly first period. Granted the home team was going to come out like a bat out of hell anyway, but they owned that period and Keith had all the space and time in the world to put that puck wherever he damn well pleased. How Vancouver had 10 shots is beyond me, but none looked quality to me. Cam should have the scoring chances shortly, but shield your eyes. They should be ugly.
  • Hossa has to be hurt right? Averaging 20 minutes a game and has as many points as Ryan Johnson. Something ain't right.
  • No scoreboard for Kesler but he lead the team in shots, 5:03 PK TOI and drew that elbowing call on Campbell. Chuck in his work on the Toews line and he's as quietly MVPish as they come so far.

The Canucks (for a change) are finding ways to win and the Hawks (for a change) aren't burying their chances. They'll have another hellish game in the madhouse, but it's time to dust those brooms off. The ideal way this series can end is a mere 60 minutes away.