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A Few Quick Canucks-Blackhawks Updates

-The Canucks tweeted today that the forward lines at practice looked like this:





-With Bryan Bickell now injured, the Hawks have decided to insert a huge ape named John Scott into their lineup..all 6'9" 270 pounds of pure skating ability and finesse to boot....not. He has 1 goal and 2 assists in about 111 NHL games. The cocky Scott said: "Yeah, we go back to Minnesota days and I beat up a couple of their guys a couple of times," said Scott. "If they want to go tonight, I'll be happy to oblige."  Scott plans to park his fat ass in front of Lou and bang guys around. So do other Hawks. They had to figure it out some day. The Canucks are dominating them physically.

-Canucks appear unfazed by the Hawks' new addition, in front of the media anyway. But Scott's presence will be felt, whether he's a pylon or not, and you get the feeling that there are going to be more penalties called in this one than what we've seen in the first 2 games, which is unfortunate.


-An unfortunate trip down memory lane: God bless Bolduc for stepping up like this:

Unfortunately that fight hurt Bolduc's shoulder more than his face. Canucks are best off to walk away from this guy if he tries shit after the whistle but I think it's fair to say that this series is about to tremendously heat up.

-Botchford and Gallagher talk Torres trash-talking Kane, Henrik Sedin influencing officiating accusations, more.