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Thursday Playoff Watchin'

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So, it's the 2nd day of the playoffs, eh?  This, of course, means that we get to start the 3 remaining series of the 1st round.  Here's the lowdown for tonight:

4:00 pm PDT Bruins vs Canadiens Game 1.  With multplie brawls, hits, and blowouts between these two eternally hated rivals so far this year, everyone is paying close attention to this series.  It is quite possible that Tim Thomas continues his Vezina play into the playoffs, but we could also see Carey Price stepping it up in the Habs net.  Viewable on CBC, RDS and Versus.

4:30 pm Flyers vs Sabres Game 1.  After a bitter heartbreak last year against the Blackhawks, the Flyers actually stayed strong all year, nearly finishing at the top of the conference.  For them, the only suitable result for this year, given the action of the last 24 hours, is the Cup.  Meanwhile, Buffalo believes that Ryan Miller is ready to step it up.  Viewable on TSN.

7:00 pm Sharks vs Kings Game 1.  And so continues another chapter for the Battle of California.  After getting swept last year in the Conference Finals, the Sharks are also on the verge of "Cup or bust".  Now that they have Antti Niemi, the goalie from last year's Champs, they could be one of the forces to beat out West.  Meanwhile, LA is short lots of their firepower, with injuries to their key forwards, and will need to count on their defense to keep them in the mix.  Viewable on TSN, Versus, and RDS.

Go drama.