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Game 1: Canucks 2 Hawks NADA

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Higgins! Shire!

I didn't anticipate a 1-sided affair. I didn't anticipate this many shots off the posts, HUGE LOU SAVES, goals from Higgins and Hansen. While the Sedin-Burrows line didn't impress me much other guys took over. Many have talked about the Canucks' depth and it was on display tonight. He may have slowed a bit in the 3rd but Christopher Higgins played like a beast. So did Jannik Hansen. So did Roberto Luongo. So did Edler and Salo. So did the whole team.

The Canucks outshot the Hawks 13-7 in the first period, scored 2 goals and contained Chicago after the 2-goal lead. Yes, Chicago pressed as well but were greeted by IRON and a stingy defence.

That looked like a cake walk. Believe me, it's just getting started and will not look like that every game this series. The Hawks will press back, and I anticipate the Canucks defending that well again PLUS Luongo matching that performance. Speaking of Luongo, doesn't it seem like his has his FU Chicago mojo going on? Luonjesus christ.

I'd love to talk about how the Hawks don't have the better goalie, team depth, luck, etc but instead I leave you with 4 gifts:

1. A question(s). I liked Cody Hodgson as the 3rd line center and that line will most-likely continually impress. Where does that leave Raffi Torres when he is slated to return after game 2? How do you bench Victor Oreskovich after a performance like that? Maxim Lapierre was Tenacious M. Glass! You fool! (heh). Maybe you leave him on the bench..but really...Torres is supposed to be a better player than any Line 4 guys. We shall see. Like a friend of mine said tonight: If it ain't broke don't fix it.