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Need A Puck Buddy This Playoff Season?

We wait for precisely this time of year, so after all that time we'd hate for you to be alone when the puck drops. To help out, we'll dust off the NM Fan Map, giving you ample time to make plans for tomorrow night.

View Nucks Misconduct Fans Map in a larger map

Most of you know how this works, but the uninitiated it's a list of SBN Vancouver fans listed by their home or current geographical location. Many of you perhaps don't need this service, but for those of us sprinkled around Canada, America and especially the Pacific Rim, it may be to nice to contact a like-minded puckhead.

Just click on the marker, check the names out and you can contact them if you need a puck buddy. If you're not on the list, drop your city in the comments and we'll hook you up as soon as we can. If you prefer you can email me but please include your SBN username (otherwise no one can contact you and I'll have a sad).

South America and India are still looking awful lonely. We know there's some 'Nuckers out there. No time like the present to stop lurking and jump on in.