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Sunday Scoreboard Watchin'

The Eastern playoff matchups were finalized yesterday, with the Rangers snapping up the final place, and a first-round matchup with the Capitals. Out West, however, we still have Chicago and Dallas fighting for the final playoff spot, as well as finalizing what exactly all the matchups are. Since I'm working until 6:00 today, I get to come home and find out what all happened. Here are the last games of the regular season:

9:30 Red Wings visit Blackhawks. Obviously the biggest game of the day, as Chicago needs 1 point to take the final playoff spot out West and eliminate Dallas. Viewable on TSN, they'll probably just import the NBC feed.

12:00 Bruins visit Devils. Just the final game of the season for the two teams, with Boston getting ready to face the Canadiens in the 1st round.

12:00 Penguins visit Thrashers. Since the Flyers won the division title, Pittsburgh just needs to get ready to face the Lightning in the 1st round.

12:00 Oilers visits Avalanche. Can we haz draft pickz?

3:00 Stars visits Wild. Should the Blackhawks fail to get any points, the Stars have their one last chance to make the playoffs.

As for our first round opponents, here's what to watch for:

  1. Hawks Get Two Points = We play Los Angeles
  2. Hawks Get One Point = We play Los Angeles
  3. Hawks Get No Points & Stars Get Two Points = We play Dallas
  4. Hawks Get No Points & Stars Get One Point = We play Chicago
  5. Hawks Get No Points & Stars Get No Points = We play Chicago

No matter what we're going to see a familiar foe later this week.