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Video: Getzlaf Hammers Hamhuis

Watch the hit closely. Ryan Getzlaf is going in for the hit on Dan Hamhuis and Hammer turns at the last second as he plays the puck. Did Getzlaf leave his feet? Check it out...after contact is made. I'm not so much on the hate wagon for this hit anymore.

What do you think? Alain Vigneault said Hamhuis looked fine post game and that he had not seen the play yet. But AV is not a doctor and concussion symptoms can happen in many forms. I hope he's fine.

Getzlaf on the hit:

"I don't want to hurt anybody out there," he said. "I went in to make the play, I kept my feet and my shoulder down. It was an unfortunate accident. He turned as he made his pass. He was well aware that I was coming from what I could tell. I saw the video and that's what I saw."

"If you watch any hit, your skates never stay on the ice because I fold over him and that's just the way the game is played," added Getzlaf. "I never jumped at him before the hit and that's the main thing. If I leaving my feet before I go, then I'm in trouble." (The Province)