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Your Morning Coffee- Tuesday Feb 8

Well, our season is over.  Pack it in and shut it down.  I expect a list of your most likely to be traded as GM Mike Gillis blows up the team on my desk by tomorrow.  Panic! Panic! Panic!!!!  Sorry about that, I channeled my inner Proteau there.  Yes, another defenseman went down last night, and it was ugly.  How ugly?  The WAACH 'Cast scale of Hockey Ugliness (tm) officially rates that injury Jeremy Roenick ugly.  Therefore, we are to assume that we will now begin some horrific spiral into nothingness, because we've got so many injuries on the back end.  Release the hockey bloggers/reporters who have been sharpening their axes all season long, waiting for their "I TOLD YOU SO!" moment.  They should be afraid because the Blackhawks could finish 8th and what are they going to do then???  How will they manage without Alex Edler???  Sami Salo is just going to get hurt again!!!  Who the hell is Chris Tanev???  You know what the best part will be?  If we lose to Anaheim on Wednesday, the floodgates of naysayers will be opened wide... more after the jump...

While we still haven't quite gotten to the injury woes suffered by other teams, we are wading close to that end of the pool.  Yet, if you hadn't been told of this sudden onslaught of defensive injuries, you wouldn't know there was an issue because of the little matter of a 6 game win streak.  And with top 6 dmen Alexander Edler and now Keith Ballard out of the lineup, the Canucks are screwed.  How do I know this?  One of the experts on just how flawed and feeble our beloved boys in blue and green has said it to be: We have absolutely nothing in the cupboard when it comes to depth on the farm.  That's right kids, the one and only Derek Zona as recently as December went out of his way from singing the praises of the mighty juggernaut that is the Edmonton Oilers to let us over here in Canuckland know just how bad our farm system is.  Got that?  If someone goes down to injury, WE HAVE NO ONE!!!

So let's take a look at the D chart, shall we? 

Alexander Edler  (IR)
Christian Ehrhoff 
Dan Hamhuis 
Kevin Bieksa 
Sami Salo  (IR)
Keith Ballard 
Aaron Rome
Andrew Alberts
Chris Tanev*
Lee Sweatt (IR)
Ryan Parent (M)
Kevin Connauton* (M)
Evan Oberg* (M)
Nolan Baumgartner (M)
Nathan Paetsch (M)
Yann Sauve* (M)

Taylor Ellington* (M)

Salo will return to the lineup Saturday against Calgary and Tanev, a free agent signing who has impressed since his callup, will slot back in to replace Ballard.  Say what you want about Alberts and Rome.  Alberts was a +2 in just over 17 minutes TOI, and Rome?  Even, with 15+ minutes and 19 PM thanks to that instigator call.  So that's our 7 and 8 dmen.  And #9 slots in tonight.  Sure, this team is gonna lose some games down the stretch.  But the way Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider are playing, you have to feel good. 

As far as last night's game, you can sit there and wax poetic about how the Canucks got outplayed for stretches last night all you want, the fact remains that previous incarnations of this team routinely lost games like that.  This season, they win them.  Alexandre Burrows, Ryan Kesler and Mikael Samuelsson are on fire right now, and as frustrating as it's been Raffi Torres and Manny Malholtra will score again.  Hell, Mason Raymond may even pot a few.  They're not playing their best hockey right now.  And they are sporting a 6 game win streak.  There are always gonna be detractors like Zona and Proteau.  When they run out of excuses, they'll trot out the last two playoff runs.  You guys do that.  Yesterday don't mean shit.

Buttermilk Biscuits, fresh from the oven...

Don't look now, but the Chicago Blackhawks are upset!!!  Let's all take a moment to feel for them, shall we?  Some seem shocked that the team that got rid of some of their character and grit, oh and the goalie that led them to the cup are struggling.  I, for one am not shocked.  This is not the same team that won the Stanley Cup, no matter how many pieces remain.  And now that things aren't going well despite getting healthy, they're a little pissy, as evidenced by Duncan Keith's postgame ranting and Brent Seabrook getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in a 1 goal game.  It's hard when people figure out how to play you, and you have nothing in your bag of tricks to compensate for it.  It's especially hard when officials start calling you on the penalties that you got away with constantly for the past two seasons.  Sure, they could still make the playoffs, but should you really fear this team as much as some think you should, especially the Canucks?  Not hardly...  Speaking of which, Atlanta's Dustin Byfuglien got his first point last night since January 2nd or something like that, prompting him to celebrate by taking the invisible monkey off his back.  That would have been a whole lot more impressive if say, they hadn't blown two leads to let the Toronto Maple Leafs win 5-4... We've grown used to Phoenix being the epicenter of strange and depressing stories in the NHL, so what's worse: This or this?  Seriously...

WAACH 'Cast's Band Of The Day- FASTKILL

Today we are off to Japan, for one of the most insane acts to emerge from the recent thrash metal revival: Fastkill.  High speed old school riffing, screechy- Eurothrash style vocals and a breakneck pace that makes you wanna bang your head and knock someone on their ass in the pit, these guys are part of an often overlooked scene.

Sense Of Ignorance


Die In Pain