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A Bit of a Rollercoaster Ride

You know, for once, a Blackhawks-Canucks game was actually quite evenly played out.  No slaughter on either side.  Of course, a big reason it wasn't a slaughter is because Roberto Luongo was playing at his god-like level.  The goals were back and forth between the two teams, so there were many alternations of highs and lows.  Alexandre Burrows had a rough game: so many chances, but he couldn't even capitalize on the empty-netter.  The Tre Kronor line (Mikael Samuelsson and the twins) was really hot on the powerplay, and the twins eventually escaped the clutches of the Hawks to score the tying and game-winning goals.  Also, it was pretty awesome to see Christian Ehrhoff lose his temper (cyxj found video of the blitzkreig), since we got to create some more nicknames for him (Madhoff, Pissedhoff, Hulkhoff, Angry German)....