The Official NM Social Media Directory

From my observations, it seems like a heapload of NM members have accounts elsewhere (I read sigs, not lurk).

So if you want to follow/be followed/add/be added by awesome people on your myriad of websites and social media accounts, come hither and post up your usernames!

If nobody leaves me hanging and a lot of you participate, I'll probably list them in alphabetical order.





And please, no stalker-style behaviour. I don't want to be the catalyst for criminal offences.

Beantown Canuck: @BeantownCanuck
Canuck_gal: @ridapita 
canuckles: @SirCanuckles
Chuckles Canuckles:
cyxj: @cyxj_canucks
kesrows: @kesrows
Kevin Sellathamby: @Nonamericanhero
missy: @tweetsnucks
nucksandpucks: @nucksandpucks
nucksmisconduct: @nucksmisconduct
PensFanInDenver: @PensFanInDenver
Pseuccubus: @Pseuccubus
Sean Zandberg: @SeanZandberg
Section 312: @DriveShowMike
seedvt: @seedvt
Semi_Colon: @notafullcolon
Smoboy41: @smoboy
stacie7: @TivoGoddess
The Canuck Fan: @CanuckFaninCali
Twitchy2010: @Twitchy67
vancitydan: @vancitydan
vancouverguy: @ScotKwong 

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