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A Bit of Rookies and Interesting Defense

That was a great game last night.  Total domination.  I was actually expecting the Coyotes to make that a close game, but the Canucks really surprised me.  It's actually quite amazing what the boys have been able to do lately with all the rookies getting called up and chipping in.  Despite the injuries to guys like Aaron Rome, Andrew Alberts, and my oh-so-precious Alexander Edler, and Sami Salo not making his return yet (word is he's heading to the Moose for a week), the D is still doing quite well.  How the hell does that work?  Lee Sweatt and Christopher Tanev get some serious kudos right now, as does "Thunderdome" Cody Hodgson for making an awesome impression in his first couple of games.  The bigger test for the rookies and defense will be tomorrow night though, when they host a rival in the Chicago Blackhawks.....