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Canucks Goals Of The Week: February 21-27, 2011

A bit of a rough week for the Canucks, losing 2 of their 3 games and only scoring 6 goals in the process. So I've narrowed my picks of the top 3 Canucks goals of the week. Watch them (after the jump) and make your pick in the poll.

A point shot deflects right to Henrik Sedin who buries it past Carey Price on the power play to pull the Canucks within one (Tues. Feb. 22).

Sami Salo rips a shot home and shows the young 4th line how it's done against the Blues (Thurs. Feb. 24). We waited a long time for that, Sami!

A huge forecheck from the Canucks' 3rd line and Manny Malhotra does the dirty!