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Your Morning Coffee- Saturday Feb 26- Twenty

Twenty games.  That's all that's left.  9 home, 11 on the road.  A 15 point lead for the division title.  20 games to push not just for the Western crown but the President's trophy.  20 games to get healthy.  20 games before we begin to find out if this team is for real.  I am not going to play the 'what if?' game.  I am sure many have already said 'If the playoffs started today...' and then some reference to how we should be afraid of the team sitting in 8th place right now.  I could not care less who we play.  Sure there are some ideal opponents.  But this team has a long run in mind, and there's absolutely nothing to be gained fretting about who the Canucks might face in the first round.  There's a lot of hockey to be played.  Let the rest of the teams bash each other's brains out trying to make the playoffs.  Our goal is home ice for the entire playoffs.  Tonight is a big challenge against a potential Eastern finalist in the Boston Bruins.  Time to send a message...

This should be a good match up for the Canucks, the only real question will be does Boston want to chance trying to play a physical game and risk penalties against the top ranked power play in the league?  Their best bet is trying to stay 5 on 5, as they're the only team better than Vancouver currently, but even then it's still pretty close.  It has been mentioned that the Canucks have never scored against Tim Thomas.  Considering the few times they have played him, it's hardly a concern.  If the Canucks stick to their game plan, stay disciplined and activate the defence like they did in the St. Louis game, everything should be fine.

Just more coffee please...

The Chicago Blackhawks are in a dogfight for the final playoff spot, but word is they're locking up another part of their core, expect an announcement today on a 5 year extension to BC born Brent Seabrook... the Twitter is also saying that Bryan McCabe may be on his way from Florida to the New York Rangers sometime today... Injuries and illness may have an impact on the Montreal/ Carolina matchup tonight, as Eric Staal didn't make the trip to La Belle Province, and word is Carey Price has the flu and isn't at the morning skate... A lot of people want to talk about the turn around in Calgary, but I for one think that the job that Minnesota has done getting themselves into a shot at the post season is far more remarkable.  In November people were talking about when, not if coach Todd Richards would be fired, but this gritty team continues to find ways to win.  My prediction: two of the teams currently in the 5 thru 8 slots right now will miss the dance...

WAACH 'Cast's Band Of The Day- Only Living Witness

In honour of our guests tonight, we bring you one of my favorite bands of all time, the tragically underrated Only Living Witness.  This post-hardcore band only released two albums that featured heavy as sludge riffs with the soulful vocals of Jonah Jenkins. 

and a bonus video for ya... SLAPSHOT, some moah Bahstan Hahdcoah