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Mike Gillis On Team 1040 (Summary)

Ed. Note: One of our commentors, sunshine and lollipops summarized what Mr. Gillis said on the Team 1040 recently and I wanted to copy/paste it onto the front page for all to see. Thanks s&l!

Doesn’t care what other teams are doing, major moves have been in the East. At most, they’ll face one of them in the final, and lots happens between now and then, so not concerned. Got a good team and if something happens that will help their team, they will act on it, but not making a move for the sake of making a move.

Raymond – Starting to trend towards the better, have a different perspective than those watching game. He’s putting in time and effort, has suffered and played through injuries that have set him back, but he’s working hard at it, and managing to get back on track, he needs to keep playing that way, and he will.

Evaluating team – Considers that they are still missing 2 top 4 d men and a top 6 dman. Getting Salo back was best trade deadline move they

could have made. If they can tweak a few small things here and there, they will, but if they go in with this team that’s fighting for the conference and presidents trophy, they will be happy going in to playoffs as is.


Don’t hesitate to say all areas of team that can always improve, players except for very top ones can always be improved upon, but those players are hard to get, so tough to make improvements at this time of year. Have to be careful on who you bring into dressing room. Sometimes when you make a lot of moves, you have to be careful because it can make a big change in your room and players don’t have time to assimilate.

Last year was similar but not as bad as this in terms of teams fighting for last 2 spots for playoff spots. It’s unprecedented, and they’re playing each other and looking for edge to get into playoffs, canucks are in diff position, been at top for a while, had a couple bad periods lately, but it happens from time to time, but you have to keep it in perspective. Not in a position where we’re fighting for a playoff spot and don’t have to do something to try and get into the tournament, so have to be patient.

Trades thus far with young players – Pitts has lost sig amount of cap and have a chance to do something because of that. Col – STL felt like they had a need in certain positions and made a trade that made sense. We don’t have a need for dman or forward at this point. Just need to fine tune some things if they come our way. Those deals are about dealing with weaknesses.

Cody – Young player, not ideal to be playing 5-6 minutes, hard to get a read on his play, but we’re going to move along. We have another game sat night and we’ll see what happens there. That line contributed to win last night and we’re going to move on from it.

Going forward – Pay attention to detail, mindset of team is to get better every day, individually and collectively as a group, that’s reminded to them every day, lots of character in room, the guys want to go out and be successful every night and they play for each other every night. If ti keep up, they’ll be in good shape.