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Just A Fly In The Ointment, Hans. The Monkey In The Wrench: Canucks & Blues


Next Game

St. Louis Blues
@ Vancouver Canucks

Thursday, Feb 24, 2011, 7:00 PM PST
Rogers Arena

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City Pro: Attention all gunfight enthusiasts!

City Con: I recommend opening more bars.

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Credit St. Louis as the only team who has taken Vancouver to task consistently this year. Despite St. Louis having the fewest road wins of any team, Vancouver will try and stop them from becoming the only team to beat them three times and the first team to beat them twice at home.

Hang on, I have an itch. Permit a scratch?

Thank you. Moving on.

The infuriating thing about the Habs loss was that Vancouver dusted off that old "come from behind" strategy made famous in the early Luongo years. The type of play where surrendering the early lead was OK because Luongo would bail them out and somehow they'd edge it out in the third. Precisely the type of hockey that is (a) not going to keep you in first place very long and (b) induces kitten punting.

The Blues have some shiny new toys, including one in Chris Stewart (3 goals in three games) and provides them with a good top six, one that is still missing David Perron. Alex Steen has made it his business to plunge the knife in our chests this year (4G, 1A). They've lost their two big minute guys on the backend and don't have Halak, but then again they've only lost by one goal in their last five losses (both Conklin and Bishop are 1-1 respectively). Seven points back with their playoff goals on life support, there's zero reason to think they won't have that bloodlust in their musically-inclined eyes.

Want a subplot besides the joy of watching Cory Schneider or recognizing how underrated Hansen truly is? Check Hodgson's TOI as the game progresses. After his third period benching against Montreal - and with only one game left on Saturday before the deadline - his time to prove he's part of a playoff picture in AV's eyes is coming to an end. Outside of that, Kesler hasn't had a goal in three and Burrows in five. Perhaps seeing Backes is all they need to 'tug' it back into gear?

Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs...

- Die Hard


Go Canucks.