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Get Your Geo Coordinate On With The Nucks Misconduct Fan Map


We rolled out this idea last spring to help with the playoff grind: no matter what time zone you call home, we wanted to connect you (well your SBN name anyway) with other Vancouver fans in your area. It's a cool idea and one that's caught on in a few places around SBN which is sweet. As it's been awhile since we've updated it and we have a host of new regulars, a reminder was in order. Pay attention, class is in session!

Here's the map as of now:

View Nucks Misconduct Vancouver Canucks Transplant Map in a larger map

Nice eh? Zoom in and around the world and find some Canuck diehards in your area. Make a buddy. Make a lover. Get married and invite us all. We'll promise to even put pants on.

If you're not on the map - or have moved - and want to get that ball rolling, you can either (a) email me using the link at the bottom of the page or drop your location in the comments. At the very least I need your SBN username, otherwise how will folks contact you and say "hey they're playing the Flames and we should drink for every time Brent Sutter frowns"?

Also we have some areas of the world that seem awful lonely. South America especially, someone needs to represent down there. The Middle East? I know some of you are hiding indoors with the AC on full blast. Egypt? Hosni Mubarak I believe you have some time to kill now. Russia? Look just because our management dislikes Russians doesn't mean we do.

Thanks for playing along everyone! Hopefully this will be in tip top shape in about six weeks time when this hockey thing we love truly starts counting.