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Hamhuis And Ballard Update: You're Gonna Like It

Stop! (Almost) Hammer Time!
Stop! (Almost) Hammer Time!

Jason Botchford is at Rogers Arena this morning and has reported that both Dan Hamhuis and Keith Ballard were skating hard with Canucks' skills coach and looking good doing it. Botch projects Hamhuis to be ready tonight or Tuesday and that Ballard may need a few more days of skating before he plays. More official news to come after the team's game day practice. Always appreciate Botchford's updates. Check his tweets for quick updates.

UPDATE According to Botchford, Hamhuis passed all the concussion tests today and feels he is ready to go. But the team has told him that Tuesday is the day. Ballard did not participate in the team skate. Via CDC, Hammer talks to the media after practice.

UPDATE: Dan Murphy projects Ballard to return on Thursday against the Blues.