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Your Morning Coffee- Friday Feb 18- Errorhoff Strikes (Again)


I can live with a loss.  I can live with the wonky goals that led to the loss.  But dear Gawd I simply cannot watch Christian Ehrhoff much longer.  In this recent cooling off period by the Canucks (which is perfectly normal considering their AHL defense), you would think the Dmen with NHL experience would be leading the way, right?  Yet this guy seems to be the one making the bonehead play, taking the dumb penalty time after time after time.  So I have a proposition for GM Mike Gillis.  Trade him away, hell even let him go.  Don't resign him and I will come over from Victoria once a week to wash your cars.  All next season, rain or shine.  It is he, not Luongo who is the weak link in the Canucks armour.

I get that Ehrhoff isn't the #1 man on the depth chart, but when you have injuries like this, you count on guys to step up, play more minutes and lead by example.  Since this ridiculous string of injuries, the only thing Ehrhoff seems to have done is turn up the suck.  It's not that every mistake he makes leads to goals, it's that he puts unnecessary pressure on his defensive partner and the goaltenders.  I don't think it's too much to ask.  Stop rushing plays.  Think about making that high-risk pass.  And in the name of all that's holy, stop taking STUPID penalties in the last two minutes of the game with the goalie pulled.  You're our Lars Ulrich.  The one everyone wishes was injured like when Metallica had their bus accident in Sweden and it was bassist Cliff Burton and not the much-maligned Ulrich who suffered that unfortunate fate.  Now I am not saying I wish harm to Ehrhoff so much as just expressing frustration that the one who deservedly earned the nickname Errorhoff this season is the one who comes out of all this unscathed.  It's maddening.

If the Canucks were to make a trade this season, perhaps for a little grit, a lot of people suggest Mason Raymond should be the one to go.  I say jettison Ehrhoff, and get some value back for him as opposed to letting him walk as a free agent in the summer.  Will they do this?  Not likely.  Am I right?  Not likely.  But, this is my column, so if you don't like it...

Timbits... I got Timbits

Last night seemed to be 'get hit in the face by a puck' night.  The big winner?  James Wisniewski of the Montreal Canadiens... Speaking of which, you have to think the Habs didn't take the Oilers seriously last night, coming out flat against the worst team in the league.  They're guilty perhaps of looking ahead to this weekend's Heritage Classic in Calgary... While the Anaheim Ducks decided they weren't douchy enough, and Ottawa felt that they needed a goalie who sucked in a different way than the one they had, the trade everyone is keeping their eye out for is the long awaited trade of Tomas Kaberle to the Bruins.  Brian Burke is responsible for giving hockey fans trade blueballs waiting for this one to go down... The Red Wings are now 7 points behind the Canucks atop the West as they handed Steve Yzerman's Tampa Bay Lightning a 6-2 loss in the first meeting between the teams since Yzerman became GM in Tampa.  Tampa's Steven Stamkos leads Vancouver's Daniel Sedin by 1 point in the scoring race, and has a 7 goal lead over Ryan Kesler for the Rocket Richard trophy...

WAACH 'Cast's Band Of The Day-

No, I'm not getting all religious on you, but the topic of Christian metal has been a contentious one throughout the years, believe me.  Many are dismissed by secular fans not because of the message, but simply because of quality.  So many of them put the message first and the music itself seems like an afterthought.  There are however a few bands that are the exception to that rule.  Here's some I have dug over the years...