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Nucks Misconduct Toronto meet-up


Calling all Canucks fans in Southern Ontario! Your friends, family and coworkers may not understand why you stay up until 1 AM about 60 nights every year to watch Canucks games, but those of us with the same bleary-eyed fanaticism sure do.

I think it high time that the Ontario Chapter of Nucks Misconduct gets together for a game. I meant to organize something in the Fall to coincide with the Vancouver NM meet-up, but wasn't able to. So I thought we could try to make this happen before the end of the regular season. I propose four dates (all of which are on national TV, a key consideration for finding bars to show the game), and will select the one that receives the most votes. Please don't vote unless you intend/hope to attend this event! We want to select the date that is most convenient for the most number of attendees, and not have people who are not attending skew the vote.

Once the date is decided, I will make another post asking for people to email me individually to confirm their attendance. Once I have an idea of numbers, I will select an appropriate venue in Toronto and make reservations. I will try to pick somewhere close to transit (near Union Station or on a convenient subway line) and likely to show the game with sound. If you have any suggestions for good bars then have at it in the comments section

Voting will remain open for one week, after which time we will commit to the date selected. Hope to see all you GTA NMers soon!