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A Bit of Luck

Did we win last night?  Yes, we beat the Wild 4-1 in the Saint Paul building they've had trouble in for the last 5 years.  Did we deserve that win?  Now that's an entirely different question, with an answer that isn't entirely obvious.  The 4-1 score is very deceiving, since the Canucks were outshot 29-14, with the only shot on goal in the 3rd period being Ryan Kesler getting the empty netter at the end.  AV had the boys playing a very defensive game, and Cory Schneider had to stand on his head.  Another thing that has been noticeable in the back-to-back games is how the boys aren't skating well, which leads to them taking all the penalties instead of drawing them.  They need to get their feet back in gear, as they face a boring style of game against the Predators tomorrow night.