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A Bit of Wheeling and Dealing

Despite predicting a 5-1 win for us in the comments on Sean's preview, I had a feeling it could've been a 5-4 game.  I should've gone with my gut, since Daniel Sedin nearly forced overtime to make it so last night.  That was probably one of the worst Canucks games I have seen in a while (I was lucky to be at work when the Wild shut us out a few weeks ago).  I did expect it though, considering that games against the Ducks are always like that.  Players such as Christian Ehrhoff, Manny Malhotra and Raffi Torres need to get their butts in gear big time.  It's also very unfortunate that Dan Hamhuis went down the way he need.  It seems as though all our D are falling apart at the seams right now.  We're just lucky that Sami Salo is pretty much ready to return against the Flames on Saturday night.

Elsewhere in the league, there's been some wheeling and dealing happening.  Continue past the jump to see what's up (NEW EVENING LINK ADDED).