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Shanahan Explains 4-Game Suspension Given To Colorado's Porter For Knee-On-Knee Hit On David Booth

Not gonna lie. When I saw the news on the Sportsnet scrolling marquee that Colorado's Kevin Porter was suspended for 4 games for his knee-on-knee hit on David Booth I was surprised at the length of the suspension. I didn't think it was intentional. I knew Porter had a clean track record in the NHL. But the boys threw the book at him. Here is why:

Huh. Well what the hell do I know, anyway? I was wrong. I thought he'd get a slap on the wrist or a warning. But I think I am lost in the incidences recently where no discipline was handed out at all. But hey, Booth is out for over a month and kneeing is a violation of NHL policy. Whatever. Glad I don't have Shanny's job.