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Fetchez La Vache! - Canucks @ Canadiens Gamethread

4:30 pm PST, SNet Van (why does that channel steal the bigger games?)
Enemy territory: Habs Eyes On The Prize
Enemy pro: They're only okay so far this year.
Enemy con: We got shut out in our last 2 visits to the Bell Centre.

Ah, la belle province. A big game to start a road trip on, as the Canucks make their annual Eastern Canada swing through Montreal. The Canadiens have been having a rough time lately, losing to the likes of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, San Jose, and even Columbus. Their regular starter, Carey Price, has been pretty good in net this season, and he had the shutout against us last year. Considering how we're playing the Habs in their home, I don't have the best feeling about this one. It's like Monty Python trying to talk to the guard at the French castle ("What are you doing in England?" "Mind your own business!"). We may need to use our own trio of Quebecers (Roberto Luongo, Alexandre Burrows, and Maxim Lapierre) to their full abilities....

Coconuts go. Or, should I say, allez-y les Coconuts!!!!!

PS: J'ai voulu utiliser un peu de Français, comme Cam a fait ici, mais ça fait quelques ans depuis la 12ième année pour moi, alors je manque la pratique et j'oublie certains mots et expressions. Zut alors, c'est terrible à perdre une langue!