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Morning Buzz: Canucks share the shutout love, NHL sees chiropractor

Luongo: "Yay, shutout sharesies! BFFs?!"
Schneider: "Please, not now."
Luongo: "Yay, shutout sharesies! BFFs?!" Schneider: "Please, not now."

[Mgmt note: Everyone put down the donuts and Irish coffee real quick and give a round of applause for Jordan Clarke, our new morning links author and a debonair gentleman to boot.]

Well, this is my first morning post at Nucks Misconduct, and there is certainly no shortage of topics to cover. But just for a laugh, why not start with the home team? Come on and JUMP!

Admittedly, I did not watch last night's game against the Avalanche. Instead, I went and saw the Victoria Royals lose 6-2 to the Tri-City Americans. Man are they bad! But that's another post for another blog. In hindsight, not staying home to watch the Canucks was pretty unprofessional; sort of like skipping the orientation on the first day of a new job. Regardless, there appeared to be a lot to cheer for last night: Daniel Sedin's 5th career hat-trick, Jannik "Honey Badger" Hansen with 2 of his own, and the oh-so adorable shared shutout between Luongo and Schneider that resulted in them being named co-third stars of the game. After weeks of non-stop goalie talk, it was almost poetic to see both goalies play great and celebrate a shutout together (except most poems don't involve a puck in the throat, but you get the idea).

And now, the news:

Vancouver Canucks news:

  • The American Express has officially gone into overdraft, as the Canucks lost David Booth to a suspected knee injury one day after Chris Higgins was claimed by zombies. Ian MacIntyre says "the angle of contact suggested Booth may have suffered anterior cruciate ligament damage", which is a perfectly normal thing for a sports columnist to notice, except it's not. Did Dr. Recchi stop by between naps and share his diagnosis with iMac? Booth will receive an MRI and we'll know more soon, in the meantime we do get a bit of good news as it appears Higgins will travel with the team this week. [The Province]
  • It turns out the NHL's new conference realignment isn't all sunshine and lollipops, as a few of the Canucks have mixed feelings about it. [The Province]
  • Thomas Drance asks the question, is Luongo's contract immovable? The short answer is "pretty much", but this is well worth the read. [CanucksArmy]
  • Jannik Hansen is second amongst Canucks forwards with 9 even-strength goals on the year. NM's own Cam Charron takes a look at his underlying numbers. Turns out he is riding an unsustainably high shooting percentage. I am not the best with advanced stats, but I believe this means that if Hansen is looking to get anyone pregnant, now is a good time. [The Legion of Blog]
  • After last night's game, the hockey world is back in balance, as Henrik passed Daniel in assists. Daniel is two points off Phil Kessel for the scoring lead, and one assist behind Patrick Kane and brother Henrik for the league lead. []
  • Stadium Journey recently took a look at Rogers Arena, ranking it in terms of food prices, atmosphere and fans (those doing the wave notwithstanding since you aren't real fans). [Stadium Journey]

NHL news:

  • As we all know, earlier in the week Garry Bettman played chiropractor on the NHL's conference structure. Daniel Wagner takes a look at the realignment, and wonders if a CFL or MLB-style system would work, to ensure the best teams make the playoffs every year. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Ryan Lambert from Puck Daddy does battle with John Steigerwald, the guy who tried to link Alex Ovechkin to steroids. This is pretty magical. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Minnesota Wild won again last night, despite being doubled in shots 42-21. Their hot streak is now on a Tim Tebow-like level. You want to watch mostly because you're waiting for them to fail spectacularly. The Canucks remain 6 points back in the Northwest.
  • Speaking of streaks, the Boston Bruins had a rather long one ended last night as they lost in regulation for the first time in over a month. Andi Petrillo from CBC did a good piece on Zdeno Chara, who apparently is a certified financial planner and speaks 4 languages. This likely won't change our perception on him as Canucks fans. Everything that comes out of his mouth just sounds like wookie to me. [CBC]
  • The latest from Bloge Salming/Down Goes Brown is IMO their best in a while. Is Alex Ovechkin a coach killer? [Down Goes Brown]
  • Justin Bourne looks one of the biggest assets in Sidney Crosby's ever-expanding repertoire: his backhand. [Backhand Shelf]