Canucks Versus The New Conference Opponents

Or division, or whatever else they end up calling it. I did some sleuthing here, and the numbers look very good for the Vancouver Canucks when you look at their record the past three years that the Vancouver Canucks played six times in their division conference, and four times versus the new guys in our Pacific / Northwest mashup.

Before that the Canucks played 8 times in the division conference. You can go back on that link and check those numbers if you like, but here are the totals after the break.

Including the games played this year, here is how it breaks down. I will use demeaning nicknames as should befit the reputation of an arrogant Canucks fan, and to get the hate going a little early. We are going to be cheering against these teams a LOT. The two teams the Canucks could potentially see in the playoffs, if they play a seven game series, could see each other 12 to 13 times a year. That is going to build the hate. Though, when they look at these numbers, our new divisional conference opponents, with maybe two exceptions, might shudder. Here we go ( the numbers are the Canucks record against each team ) ;

Coilers -

2012 1-1-0

2011 4-2-0

2010 4-2-0

2009 3-3-0 Mighty Canucks slap around the kids some more? 12-8-0 is pretty good so far!

Av Nots -

2012 1-0-0

2011 5-0-1

2010 4-1-1

2009 3-1-2 Tied with Flambes with 30 pts given up to Vancouver over 3 years w/ a 13-2-4 record.

Flamers - ( its a family website people! I am sure you have a more NC-17 name in mind...)

2012 2-0-0

2011 5-0-1

2010 3-2-1

2009 4-2-0 Poor Calgary fans. More wins against them then any other feels great. 14-4-2

Gary's Team - (we'll need to get a better nickname, but they are probably moving to Q.C anyhow!)

2012 1-0-0

2011 2-2-0

2010 2-0-2

2009 2-2-0 Not bad at 7-4-2. Probably would be the Ubertrap team, but they are not staying, right?

Whiny Hollywood Whinersons -

2012 1-0-0

2011 2-1-1

2010 3-1-0

2009 3-1-0 They say they are better, but 9-3-1, and most pts given up of old Pacific teams says NO.

Whinier Silicon Valley Biotches - (maybe the closest to a "rival" to replace the Hawks hate)

2012 1-0-0

2011 3-0-1

2010 1-3-0

2009 1-2-1 (a winning record of 6-5-2 is actually more losses. But 4-1 in playoffs last year. STFU ;-)

Dirty Cheating Bastards - (sucking now, but they do play our guys hard. Hack, whack, and slash hard, but still )

2012 0-1-0

2011 2-2-0

2010 2-2-0

2009 2-0-2 The same record as the 2nd whiny team. Sonuvabitches...

So. there you have it, against the new divisional conference opponents, the Canucks are 67-31-13 over the past three seasons. If that does not make you a smug arrogant bastard that never won a Cup, nothing will. I am sure the Oiler, Flame, and Duck fans will get some mileage out of that one though!

I am digging what math is telling me though.


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