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Morning Buzz: Canucks force-feed Ducks fowl milk hotdogs

Welp, that's officially the dumbest blog title I've ever written. Deal with it.

In what had all the makings of a classic "trap game", the Canucks came out and played a sound road game early. It's always dangerous to let bad teams hang around, so kudos to the boys for capitalizing on their chances. Things got a little sloppy near the end, but I'd blame that just as much on bad ice and bad officiating than anything else.

When this month began, I took a look at the Canucks schedule for December and figured the team should have been able to put up a double-digit win total out of 15 games, given the quality of competition they were going to face. The Canucks record now sits at 10-3-1 for December, with one game remaining against the Kings on New Years Eve. Mission Accomplished!

Now, let's jump to some sweet, sweet linkage.


Vancouver Canucks news & notes:

  • Kevin Bieksa won $300 from his teammates for working "milk hotdogs" into his pre-gam interview with Dan Murphy. Heck, with $300 you could get milk SMOKIES. []
  • According to Jeff Patterson, last night was the 15th time in 38 games this season that four different Canucks have scored in a game. Doesn't that seem like an awful lot? The Canucks have six players with double-digit goal totals, and Cody Hodgson isn't far off with 8. [Twitter]
  • For those who believe Cody Hodgson deserves more than his current 12 minutes of ice-time, try to argue with this: "AV on Cody's minutes - I'm not taking ice time away from Henrik or Kesler. That leaves about 20 mins to split up." [Dan Murphy's Twitter]
  • If you still need more convincing, Daniel Wagner made a great argument last week. [Pass it to Bulis]
  • Jeff Angus presents "Perception vs. Reality – The Alex Burrows Story". [Canucks Army]
  • Still believe Mason Raymond doesn't score in front of the net – even after last night's game? Want to see all of his goals from last season? Patrick Johnston to the rescue! [Canucks Army]

NHL news & notes:
  • Jagr returned to Pittsburgh last night and scored a nice goal, complete with "the salute". "I felt pretty good, I had so many chances. I could have scored five goals, but I just couldn't score...Fifteen years ago I would score five. But not anymore." []

  • Should the NHL expand its outdoor game schedule? This isn't brought up in the article, but personally I would love to see the All-Star Game become an outdoor event, with an old school throwing of the sticks to pick the teams at the start. Granted that isn't as dramatic for the cameras as last year's draft was, but it would save the embarrassment of another Phil Kessel moment. [The Hockey Writers]
  • "The worst customized jersey that you will ever see". I'd have to agree. *shudder* [Twitter]
  • Love j.Bowman's review of the latest episode of 24/7. [Legion of Blog]
  • I'm declaring John Tavares' effort here as the goal of the night, and I haven't even seen them all. He walks around the Flames D as if it's...well, the Flames D: