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Put Them In A Box - Canucks vs Oilers Gamethread

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7:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: The Copper & Blue
Enemy pro: They had to fly after those big Christmas dinners.
Enemy con: Taylor Hall is still very annoying.

Welcome back from the holidays. Did everyone enjoy their time with family and friends? Have a wonderful dinner? Get everything you wished for? If no on that last one, did you buy what you wanted today?
Anyways, the Canucks host the Oilers tonight, in what has become a Boxing Day tradition in these parts. After a couple days of rest (or insanity, in the case of parenthood), the Canucks should be ready to get back to work. They are very close to finally taking back the NW lead from Minnesota. Can they do it tonight? And maybe throw Hall, Jordan Eberle, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in a box and send it to Madagascar while they're at it?

Coconuts go.