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Morning Buzz: Canucks with another forward on the Bublé

The Canucks continue to look for that perfect compliment to their 4th line, as they signed singer Michael Bublé to a contract yesterday. Shockingly, both halves of that sentence are true, but fortunately not when they're put together.

On this shootout attempt, he actually manges to beat Lou, but not the post, before eating it in the corner. He looks like he's handled a puck before, at least, which would make him an immediate upgrade over Victor Oreskovich. [Video courtesy of The Score's Backhand Shelf.]

Vancouver Canucks news & notes:

  • It's game day, which means NM has you covered for Canucks content. The best game previews, game day threads, and game recaps in the business!
  • Roberto Luongo's shutout was doubly impressive on Monday night, considering he posted it while shredding a face-melting sax solo. [Twitter]
  • Daniel Wagner breaks down in painstaking detail one of the nicest Canuck goals of the year, until it's just not fun anymore. Ha! I kid. [Pass it to Bulis]
  • Good news for Chris Tanev fans: he's good to go! He took a hard hit on Sunday, but it looks like he's avoided a concussion. [Jim Jamieson's Twitter]
  • From the Sun's Brad Ziemer, Cody Hodgson is tied for 6th in rookie scoring with 16 points, while playing the fewest minutes of the top 13. This won't be news if you follow me on Twitter, but I'm a huge Hodgson fan. I think once Booth is back, a 3rd line of Raymond - Hodgson - Hansen playing mostly offensive-zone minutes could really do a lot of damage. [Twitter]
  • Posted under FanShots last night by Canuckles, this is a great little teaser video of a CanucksTV feature on Trevor Linden. In this clip he defends the twins with some pretty strong words, and I can't say I disagree with any of them. [Nucks Misconduct]

NHL news & notes:

  • That was a wild game. Stalberg could have easily had a hattrick; Toews' goal was actually a pass to Stalberg that Matt Niskanen put in his own net, and he hit a post later in the game. Check out James Neal's goal, too, what a laser. He's one shot behind Steven Stamkos for the league lead in goals. [NHL VideoCenter]
  • It's been a rocky start for Randy Cunneyworth in Montreal. The team has lost its first 2 games under him, and now a French-language newspaper is openly mocking him with English headlines. [Vancouver Sun]
  • McKeen's released the holiday edition of their Top 30 Draft Rankings. Currently participating in the "Fail for Nail" sweepstakes: the Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders, Carolina Hurricanes, Anaheim Ducks and Columbus Blue Jackets. [McKeen's]
  • The NFL is bringing in independent trainers whose sole responsibility will be to monitor players for suspected concussions during games. Would something like this be a good idea for the NHL, and would it mitigate any circumstances of teams rushing players back on to the ice from the quiet room? [Kuklas Korner]

Two huge movie trailers: The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises (posted in yesterday's comments — thanks Twitchy!) The girlfriend has already watched the Hobbit trailer 3 times and has announced plans to re-read all the LOTR books before it comes out next December. Sigh.

Oh hey look, it looks like Bublé knows what I want for Christmas...