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Morning Buzz: Sedinery, suspensions, and well, just lots of Sedinery

Last night was one of those classic "Sedins dominating a Northwest Division opponent" nights. I hope LA, San Jose, Anaheim, and Phoenix are taking notes for next year, because this is what the twins do to teams within their division (or conference, for next season).

Lots to like from last night's win, well covered in vancitydan's recap, so lets get to the news!

Vancouver Canucks news + notes:

  • How do you celebrate some Sedin wizardry when the camera is on you? By snake-licking your girlfriend's cheek, of course. [Deadspin]
  • Jannik Hansen is on pace for 27 goals and 45 points. Lets all keep in mind that his previous career high is 9, and he's probably riding high percentages right now, but it would be amazing if he scored 20.
  • Henrik Sedin moved into a three-way tie with Phil Kessel and Claude Giroux for the NHL scoring lead. Daniel sits one point back. []
  • Since that 5-1 loss to Chicago in mid-November, the Canucks are 9-2-1. The Boston Bruins are 17-2-1 since the start of November. Are these still the two best teams in the NHL?
  • The Stanchion breaks down the Ron McLean "apology". This is hilarious. The main image is priceless in itself. [Legion of Blog]
  • Great article by iMac in the National Post about Mason Raymond's impact since his return. There are some good quotes from a few of his teammates, he's obviously a popular guy in the room and the fact that the recent hot streak has coincided with Raymond's return probably isn't a coincidence. [EDIT: Literally just as a type this, Raymond is hit in the face with a puck and cut. Should be nothing after a broken back, right?] [National Post]
  • This is a nice feature from Canucks Hockey Blog that recaps recent Canucks action and previews what is to come in the next week. [Canucks Hockey Blog]
  • An excellent Behind the Lens from the end of the 5-game road trip. My favourite shot: looks like Sami Salo has a secret stash. Don't tell the trainers. []
NHL news + notes:
  • Suspension update (seriously, I don't think I've written a new post yet without either a new headshot or a new suspension to talk about): Milan Lucic gets 1 for his hit on Zac Rinaldo, Rene Bourque gets 2 for his hit on Brent Seabrook.
  • In case you're wondering about Seabrook, he traveled with the Hawks to Pittsburgh. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Check out the custom Jets goalie gear that Chris Mason is about to start rocking. Pretty damn sharp. Simple in form, but it's the little details: skate laces are used for the trapper webbing. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Patrick Roy says he would consider coaching the Canadiens if approached. Canadiens fans seem to be warming back up to Roy after a few rocky years. This would be a really interesting move. [National Post]
  • Sportsnet posted their Power Rankings as of Dec 19, if you're into that sort of thing. [Sportsnet]
Lets end with a pop quiz: the Minnesota Wild are one of three teams in the NHL whose name is not plural. Name the other two?